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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Green Lantern Annual # 1

Comic book review for Green Lantern Annual # 1 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver

The new book spells AWESOME as we get to welcome back Ethan Van Sciver for this special issue of Green Lantern plus it also kicks off the new GL event “Rise of the Third Army”.

So what’s in store for readers when they pick up this amazing book? For starters we have Hal Jordan imitating Ryan Reynolds in the film “Buried”. Then Hal follows teammate Batman’s style when he claws his way to the surface after being buried alive by nefarious Black Hand.

There’s also the subplot of the Guardians being their gnome-y evil selves trying to initiate a new army by going to god knows where and then fighting their fellow Oans. These Oans pledged their lives to ensure that the first Green Lantern never leaves his prison. But times change and people change and now the Guardians wants to use the first Green Lantern’s powers to power up their new army dubbed, you guessed it, the “Third Army”.

Back on Earth, Hal fights William Hand and gets a save from Sinestro who also claws his way up. Hal and Sinestro join forces to call their shared power battery. The guardians appear and that’s the end. I don’t plan on spoiling too much details. You have to go and buy a copy of Green Lantern Annual # 1 from your LCS (like Comicx Hub).

The art is great. Ethan Van Sciver looks like he never left the title. I had this sense of nostalgia while reading this annual. I actually felt like dusting off my old “Green Lantern Rebirth” that’s already collecting dust somewhere in the bookshelf. Van Sciver is truly a fitting addition to this book and I’m joining the millions of fans who want Van Sciver to return to the Green Lantern title (of course no offense meant to regular Doug Mahnke).

The storytelling pattern was pretty linear. I actually missed the quips and the witty banter between Hal and Sinestro; but its pardonable since the situation needs more seriousness. Its again an acknowledgment that Blackest Night happened and everything pre-reboot stands. Good job. What I don’t like about this issue is the fact that there’s no mention of the mysterious Baz character who’ll be replacing the main stars on the book.

The colors and dialogues were good and I especially like the coloring in that part where the Guardians were fighting their peers. The backup story which details how the Third Army spawns (yes the proper term should really be spawned) is also great thanks to the art of Pete Woods. However, if you compare the two artworks by the two artist on the book, it’s pretty obvious who comes out the winner.

Overall, its a good book. It might be a bit pricey but its all worth it especially in preparation for “The Rise of the Third Army”.


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Earl Maghirang