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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #1

I have shared that I’m not much oriented about the Green Lantern franchise. even the whole DC universe. But, since the New 52 campaign has paved my way to a new friendly and new reader-oriented universe, I looked at this book and answered: ‘Sure, why not?’

Peter Tomasi introduced to me two Green Lanterns, Guy Gardner and John Stewart. He ellaboratively gave me an orientation of their personas, individual beliefs and principles of both characters, by just showing me what both of them wanted to have: a job. For me, this is a great way to know them. I didn’t need to know their past history. And I enjoyed this first issue.

Another part of the story is there is a mysterious villain who kills Green Lanterns in the opening and at the end of the issue. The last page was ok. But, it would be more effective and suspenseful if there was no word balloon on it.

Fernando Pasarin did an up to par job with the book. Indeed you did a good job. But, what’s up with facial/wrinkles on the head (above the eyes)?

After reading the issue, it made me wonder and I turned back to the front cover. Where are the rest of the Green Lantern Corps? Even though, with the other members missing, (everybody is gonna send me death threats,) I believe that this is much a better introductory book than Geoff Johns’ Justice League #1. I liked this issue and it made me get to learn about the Green Lantern universe, characters. But I don’t it is so good enough to fit in my pull list budget.

Earl’s Take

While the rest of the DCU goes through some serious changes, it’s business as usual for the Green Lantern books. So while the book might have gone through a renumbering of sorts, the story picks up where we left off last month. That story happens to be the epic “War of the Green Lanterns” that saw the rest of the GLC getting mind controlled by Krona.

Now the new book continues to explore a different type of relationship and that happens to be the relationship between John Stewart and Guy Gardner. Now I’m not up to speed with Green Lantern history but based on what I know, these two never really shared an actual book together. Sure there was the usual “four Green Lanterns from Earth fighting the good fight” kinda stories but I never really saw these two hamming it out and bickering. I guess this was the new dynamic that new and old readers should get used to.

Peter Tomasi took it as a challenge not only to engage readers but also provide a good story about the lives of the lesser known Green Lanterns. I got my admiration back for John Stewart thanks to this issue and I really loved how Guy and himself accept the fact that they didn’t get the necessary marks when they were beginning their careers.

As usual, Fernando Pasarin’s art is still great. I actual had to double back to check if I was really looking at Pasarin’s art or if I was browsing through a book with art by frequent Green Lantern artist Ivan Reis.

A standing ovation for this book.

Verdict: Excellent

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