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Comic Book Review for Invincible # 100 by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

Invincible hits 100 and thus Robert Kirkman decides to kill a bunch of characters off.  But the title is just the chocolate and there’s certainly a surprise center for this anniversary issue. What it is you have to buy the book to really find out.

Since this is a major action story arc expect tons of bloodshed and gratitious violence here and there. You also have to see that since Mark’s facing off against Dinosaurus who’s a vicious looking humanoid dinosaur with the same genius level intellect as that of Lex Luthor.

The best part of this book is it’s simplicity. Rather than dwindle with all the subplots, Kirkman just dives in to the story and shakes the status quo anew for Invincible and the rest of his awfully huge supporting cast. There are a few twists that I’m sure you’ll enjoy and there’s one big surprise that might catch you guard.

The book is pretty neat however if you’re in this for the action, the punches and the superheroics, I’m afraid you’re a tad late for the party as all that happened a few issues ago. This is the whole meat, the drama and where everything changes. I think the arc title is a rather apt title because aside from the obvious deaths inside the book, it also means that the old Invincible is dead and he’s being replaced by a new and more SUPERIOR Invincible. Oh wait, sorry, wrong book and publisher.

VERDICT: 4.5/5

The art is pretty kick ass and the story doesn’t skip a beat. Would’ve been better if Image decided to publish additional materials and pages for the book rather than spend money on a hundred different covers. Invincible # 100 is also a testament to the return of the 90s whipping boy concept, the foil cover…

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Earl Maghirang