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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Justice League # 9

Reviewing DC ComicsJustice League # 9 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Also the “Shazam” backup story by Johns and Gary Frank.


We welcome back Jim Lee into the fold after a two-issue break from art chores and we are thrust back into the world of the League years after the team got together to beat back the invading Parademons.

While issue #7 and issue #8 were indicative of what is going on in the time followed after the formation of the league, we never got to meet any new villains. No Desperos, no Felix Faust or Injustice Gangs. Just a bunch of new monsters and an annoying green archer who wants in on the team. Oh and there were also a couple of Court of Owls Talons during last issue. Other the aforementioned “threats” there was really nothing that could match the combined force of the team.

This new story arc promises to change all of that by giving us a villain that blames the Justice League for everything that has gone wrong with his life. And his name is Graves.

The art in this book will still probably the main hook for a lot of fans. Judging from online forum discussions people all agree that Jim Lee is totally in his element right now. Some have even considered that Lee is having as much fun drawing the DC icons as much as we are having fun reading the stuff that they do.

People might argue about the writing style for Geoff Johns on this book but Justice League # 9  (which was provided to us by Comicx Hub) was entertaining as hell. We get to see more of character interactions, some goofy moments between The Flash and Green Lantern and even a broken hearted Steve Trevor.

There’s also a quick peek at the present life of Clark Kent and how boring his life is. Plus this issue made me really hate Lois Lane. I don’t know if that was an agenda these two wanted but between her appearance in this book and Superman I’m seeing Lois as a b~tch.

Yes, while the title might be “A Villain’s Journey” you can definitely feel some pangs of sadness and despair on Steve Trevor who a few issues ago was still smitten with Wonder Woman. Now its all gloominess and booze for the guy.

Overall there are a lot nice and small moments from the book and it definitely makes it intriguing. I’m giving this a high score because I’m just intrigued with the power set of Graves, and how the team’s dynamic has changed ever since the end of Justice League # 6.

Finally, the backup feature of Shazam takes on a more sinister side as we get to meet the New 52 Dr. Sivana and Billy Batson shows his compassionate side for his new adopted siblings.

RATING: 9.5/ 10

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