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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: PEANUTS The Beagle has Landed, Charlie Brown!

BOOM! Studios is at it again with its latest installment to its Peanuts Comics book stories in, Peanuts The Beagle has landed, Charlie Brown!. The world’s coolest beagle finally goes up into space. Writers Andy Beall, Bob Scott, and artist Vicki Scott takes Snoopy in a 101 Beagle Odyssey like no other!

Peanuts The Beagle has landed, Charlie Brown!: This is the first comic book review I’ve ever reviewed. It’s quite different from the standard toy reviews I handle. Also, it’s a Peanuts book to boot. Where should I start? Well let’s start where Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s faithful beagle is off to a mission, a mission with utmost great importance, mission to the moon as the first beagle for that matter.

Well, in Snoopy’s imagination of course! We find him preparing to travel to the moon and back. While his master, Charlie Brown has his own mission to the moon. Playing his own version of course (I guess,  that’s where Snoopy got his idea from.) It’s a funny and even a few life lessons involve in the story that only the Peanut gang can give. It’s a roller-coaster of funny ideas and Snoopy’s wild imagination as he wants to get away from his greatest rival, the cat from next door.

The story is set in an old fashion style, in classic Peanuts  fashion. The 116 pages (not including the illustrations and cover to cover pages) can really be “long” in a way, and that’s for a single issue comic book.  It just takes time to warm up to the story, especially if you are the type of reader who likes all-action, panel after panel and reading deep complex story plots. But story-wise,  it takes time to build up momentum. But for people who loves to read about values and humor, you can sink your teeth into this life-lesson, comedy giving story. It had it’s funny moments that I’ve enjoyed in the story. Like for example: when Snoopy dresses up as Lucy to give his idea of “intimidating and scary”. Snoopy’s funny and witty antics will win young and old readers alike and will love this book. Andy Beall, Bob Scott and Vicki Scott did a great job nonetheless.

Vicki Scott’s art are both traditional Peanuts-style art we came to love but with a little mix of fresh new feel to it. It’s soft and smooth to the eyes. it’s like watching the a classic animation in digital re-mastered quality good! Bob Scott’s Snoopy cover is timeless and it gave me that old 60’s to 70’s silver age vibe to it that I appreciate in my youth. I miss those days and I love the art. Colors and linings and even just the lettering are smooth and cool. It’s a wonderful blend for a classic comic book like this. They should be mention for their wonderful job. Without them, the book will not be complete at all.

The story is quite good considering that mainstream comic books nowadays are always into the “Death of…”  this and that and even Archie Andrews of Archie Comics has his own “Death of…” theme to it with the irony to the title, “Life with Archie”. I’m happy and I enjoyed reading this. As the story teaches us how to imagine at the same time teaches us that we all have to face our fears. It’s not just for us, but for our love ones who we cherish and cared about too. It’s a book I want my kids some day to read and say, “This is the book that I loved reading when I was young”.

While Vicky Scott and Bob Scott also drew the beloved gang in - Tokyo Charlie Brown!, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, these three gave these classic characters life in this story even if it looks simple to someone who is not familiar with Snoopy and the gang. I would go get this book not just for myself but for my kids one day. Life lessons on a wacky and fun setting is what we need in today’s  gritty mainstream comics that we mainly read. Its good to read something that doesn’t involves death or R-Rated materials.

RATING:  8 out of 10

Robert Calupitan