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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Red Hood and The Outlaws # 1

Earl’s Take

Red Hood and the Outlaws # 1 by Judd Winick and Kenneth Rocafort was one of the books that I had really high hopes when it was initially announced. But to my horror, there were somethings that were just wrong with the book.

Don’t get me wrong with my initial gripe. The book is a good starter as it’s got some juicy bits to tell. What really irked me as a reader was the controversial portrayal of Starfire. The book changed the way we’ve seen Starfire in a span of a few pages. There’s the Starfire fan service pages to the whole dialogue about forgetting former lover Nightwing and her time as a member of the Teen Titans.

And then there’s also the problem  with her change of attitude from being the fun loving warrior we see her as the “office slut” or the stereotypical “cheerleader” in American movies. She’s the guy the whole crew sleeps with. In short, were seeing a Starfire that’s gone from being a Disney Princess to Samantha from “Sex and the City”.

Enough of that though as the book can be forgiven thanks to the conspiracy and the lose threads that we see by the time the first issue ends. The book can be a passable one thanks to the stuff that makes Red Hood cool. One great thing that the book did however was revert Red Arrow/ Arsenal from that cat bashing maniac we’ve seen in “Titans” back to his old care-free self. For how long, we can never tell.

Overall, there’s something for everyone. You may not like the story but the gorgeous shots of Starfire wearing a bikini might rise the collective readers’ temperatures.

Yes fanboys, there is a god.

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