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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Savage Wolverine # 2

Comic Book Review for Savage Wolverine # 2  by Frank Cho and sponsored by Comicx Hub.

Savage Wolverine 2 review

In this issue we are drawn further into the mystery surrounding the island where Wolverine and Shanna the She-Devil are stuck with. Like I said for the first ish, Savage Wolverine is a beautiful book due to the art. If like me you’re a big fan of Frank Cho‘s work then you should really pick this up. The dinosaurs are beautifully drawn, Shana is beautifully drawn, hell even Logan with a stab wound on his side looks great.

The flaw here is with the dialogues. Not all dialogues are catchy or witty. Some are just there for the sake of being written in. There’s no exposition in some places and others don’t hit the right tone for the character particularly Amadeus Cho. There’s also some inconsistency with the colors here and there but they still look amazing.


Perhaps my other gripe with Savage Wolverine # 2 was the depiction of Amadeus Cho (yes more of him again). In this new issue, we see him kinda grown up now. He’s sporting the tailor made suit that he wore when he temporarily assumed Hercules’ role as the ‘Prince of Power’ sans Herc’s club. It’s this annoying and not-so-cool Cho that is given to us rather than the cool guy with a few tricks up his sleeve. Cho’s appearance here only strengthens the statement I made earlier that there are some moments which is are off in terms of dialogues.

Amadeus Cho Savage Wolverine 2

Verdict: 3/5

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