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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Secret Avengers # 1

Comic book review for Secret Avengers # 1 by Nick Spencer, Luke Ross and Matthew Wilson from Comicx Hub.


The best way I could describe “Secret Avengers” for the Marvel Now relaunch by Nick Spencer and Luke Ross is Avengers meets Reservoir Dogs meets Mission Impossible. Now whether that sounds appealing or not will all be up to you. But if you ask me, you really should give this book a try.

In this issue we see the formation of this new ‘Avengers’ group formed from the ashes of Captain America’s version of the Avengers. The main pull for this issue is the fact that this team is composed primarily of the characters we’re all familiar with thanks to the Avengers movie. We have Hawkeye and Black Widow together with the Marvel 616 version of Agent Phil Coulson and the newly black-ened Nick Fury (still Marcus Johnson in my mind) plus Maria Hill and Daisy Johnson.


So going back to the whole plot, it;s interesting to note that the book is filled with dark and dangerous motives and missions. There’s also some bits and pieces of betrayal and torture here and there which is really cool especially if you put traditional heroes like Hawkeye and Black Widow in something that SHIELD characters like Nick Fury, Coulson and the rest of the gang are very familiar with.

Another interesting aspect here in this book is Hawkeye and Black Widow’s macguffin. We’re just going to see bits and pieces of what they want in return for working with this Avengers team. Hopefully Spencer remembers to address this plot somewhere down the line. The art on this one is pretty to look at, Luke Ross is definitely at the top of the game here.

The biggest (and at the same time the silliest) thing that I have seen in Secret Avengers # 1 are those ridiculously sweet ‘healing factor’ bullets that Nick Fury Jr’s loaded into his gun. Trust me you have to read the book to know more about this damn cool concept.

Anyway, here’s the verdict for “Secret Avengers # 1″…

Verdict: 3/5

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