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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Sex Criminals #3

Sex Criminals #3

Company: Image Comics
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Chip Zdarsky


Honestly, three issues in and I’m already running out of good things to say about Sex Criminals; Matt Fraction’s dialogue continues to be wonderful and Chip Zdarsky’s awesome art is still top notch, not to mention the fact that it’s a sex comedy that actually balances SEX and COMEDY really well. It would have been really easy to turn this into a sleazy and crass porn book so Fraction and Zdarsky deserve plenty of credit for consistently making this an actual mature comic that just happens to have time stopping orgasms, sex police possibly being made of cum and dildos thrown at faces. It can’t be easy that’s for sure.

Part of the success is how Fraction writes the characters; Suzie and Jon come off as a realistic couple in spite of their new found ‘powers’. I like the way they tease each other and how they talk about their past sexual history, John even shares his list of past partners to Suzie in a way that reminds us of the first issue where Suzie did the same for us which is a neat touch.

The book is still very funny; you won’t see a lot of comics that have characters suddenly start singing a musical number, but with the word balloons replaced by the writer explaining to us why copyrighting songs is a bitch in any medium of entertainment. We also get plenty of visual puns like a dildo being thrown at someone’s face with a poster that says poon in the background. GENIUS!

So yeah, Sex Criminals is great and you should all be rushing to a comic store to get it like RIGHT NOW.


Big thank you to our friends in DK Comics for giving us a copy to review



Nicolo Parungo