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DAVE CROSLAND joins Invader ZIM in 2016!

Invader ZIM 8

Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, is proud to welcome artist Dave Crosland (Yo Gabba Gabba Comic Book Time) to the creative team for the Invader ZIM comic book, based on the popular Nickelodeon television series. Crosland will begin as the series artist on Invader ZIM #7 and will also contribute a backup comic in Invader ZIM #8.

“It’s an honor to be trusted with such a bizarre, beloved character as Invader ZIM. His world is so vast and imaginative, I’m stoked to see how far out we can get with this next run of the book. And I look forward to working with Jhonen, Aaron, Robin and the rest of the team Oni has piloting this alien mothership of a series. The only thing that worries me is displeasing The Almighty Tallest. I’d hate to end up banished, drawing comics on some dank outpost at the far side of the Delta Quadrant.”
– Dave Crosland, artist, future recruit for dank outpost at the far side of the Delta Quadrant

“I, for one, am excited.”

- Robin Herrera, editor, meat popsicle
Destroyer of worlds

“Around the time the ZIM comics crew and I were working on issue #5, our headquarters was attacked, and before I knew it, we were all struck down by a terrible, mad force. When the smoke cleared I saw that it was Dave Crosland, and he had taken all of our powers. As he laughed, even though I knew I wouldn’t live long enough to see my revenge exacted upon Dave, I knew that what he saw as a victory would be his curse: HE would have to take over our work on the INVADER ZIM comic. The curse had been passed on. Dave’s great.”

- Jhonen Vasquez, series creator, abomination of all mankind

Invader ZIM #7
will be available in local comic book shops on January 27, 2016.

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