Posted January 26, 2011 by Timzster in Comics

DC Presents “Green Lantern/ Flashpoint” comic for Free Comic Book Day!

On the first Saturday of May, readers and hobbyists will be treated to free books from the various creators and publishers of the comic book industry, as they celebrate another year of “Free Comic Book Day“! The event aims to thank loyal fans who have committed themselves to the hobby, while also attracting younger and newer readers to join in and see what the industry could offer to them! For 2011, DC Comics will be giving away a book that not only promotes the upcoming Green Lantern flick starring Ryan Reynolds, but also their next big event for the year that fans will have a chance to preview! Take a look and see the cover to “Green Lantern/ Flashpoint FCBD 2011 Special Edition”!

Looking sharp, no? As posted in DC’s official blog The Source, the Green Lantern/ Flashpoint book is a double feature no DC fan would want to miss come Free Comic Book Day! With both stories written by superstar scribe Geoff Johns, the GL segment is a reprint of Green Lantern #30, which was part of the “Secret Origin” storyline and illustrated by artist Ivan Reis, depicting the tale on how Hal Jordan first received his power ring. Flashpoint, on the other hand, is DC’s latest event of the year penned by Johns and drawn by Andy Kubert, which happens to revolve around The Flash and something happening to him that causes catastrophic changes around the DC Universe. Sounds exciting? Be sure to pick this up when it comes out in FCBD, and visit the source post over at DC The Source for more details!


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