Posted October 17, 2010 by Timzster in Comics

DC unleashes One Shot issues and variant cover madness this January!

On January 2011, DC Comics will releasing a series of of one-shot books circling around 4 key players in the DCU. These include Starman/ Congorilla, Shazam, Steel, and Congorilla, and solicitations are listed in via DC and posted in DC’s blog The Source and comic book news site Newsarama.

However, the real treat is catching some unique variant covers that follow the same logo cover treatment the one-shots are using, and up above is the variant “one-shot type cover” to Batman Inc. #3! Possibly my favorite among the bunch, it spotlights the new costume of Bruce Wayne as Batman, with the redesigned logo above and the art illustrated by David Finch! Pretty rad, but Bats is not the only one to get the logo cover treatment. Fellow JLA members Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern also have their own variant covers, so be sure to check ‘em out at the post over at Newsarama, and comic shops this January!


*Originally posted by Timzster and seen in The Crusader’s Realm