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Dubai Paper Features A BATMAN 75 Advertorial, Teases Possible Look At……

As part of the Batman 75 festivities, a Dubai newspaper featured an advertorial highlighting the history of the Caped Crusader in diff. segments of media. That includes the movies, TV shows, and his rich comic book run.

The special came from Gulf News, a long-running newspaper based in UAE. One particular highlight of the section is the rundown of all the Batsuits used over the years. It also included favorites like the Frank Miller iteration, TDK’s Kevlar-laced costume, the theoretical White Lantern suit, as well as The New 52’s sleek armor.

But one surprising addition to the lineup was the version for the upcoming DC/Warner Bros. flick Batman v Superman. It showed a sculpt of what may be the final design of Ben Affleck’s Batsuit. Worthy of note are the ff. points: 1. The Blue/Gray palette, 2. Its inspiration from both Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s designs, and 3. The iconic white slits. The quick description also specified that the sculpt showed what they know about the said costume so far.

Let’s take heed that an advertorial of this special event meant that this has been approved by Warner Bros. for publishing, not to mention, the strict rules mandated by their Govt. in terms of these kinds of articles. GN is also an accredited news outfit that have reported numerous comic-book related updates in the past, including the reveals for Man of Steel and The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s official costume designs. Furthermore, it also connects to an early tease made by sites such as Latino-Review and Geek Digest(both are reliable when it comes to inside info about movies and comic-book related stories). Kevin Smith mentioned previously as well that the color scheme of the suit isn’t black and gray, as Snyder’s photo first implied. According to him, one of the inspirations for the design was a particular chapter in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which showed a blue-and-gray palette.

So far, things are looking legit, but best to wait for a Comic-Con announcement this week regarding any developments in the budding DC Cinematic Universe.

For now, we’d like to know your thoughts. Are you digging this suit design? Hit the comments section!

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