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Ethan Van Sciver teams up with Geoff Johns again for GREEN LANTERN’s Rise of the Third Army

Ethan Van Sciver or EVS is teaming up once again with DC Comics’ CCO and Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns. EVS is best known for his work on Green Lantern: Rebirth with Johns, in which the book returned Hal Jordan to the DCU and shot Green Lantern into stardom. Right now they’ll both be working on a one-shot Green Lantern Annual which serves as a prologue to another GL event — Rise of the Third Army.

The Green Lanterns ever since Johns headed the book, has seen big events in recent years such as Sinestro Corps War and the DCU wide event Blackest Night (2010). The last time EVS worked art duties on a GL book was on Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 (2007) and did some variant covers for Blackest Night.

The GL book was long-held by Ivan Reis and is now with Doug Mahnke, but all I can say is that whenever EVS works with Johns – Johns writing style seems to transform, his Hal Jordan becomes more serious, more charisma in him, well the term I could use is Hal, GL and the book just becomes more cooler or “astig”. In Sinestro Corps War we saw a lot of s#%t go down, and the surprise that we got in the end, man, up until this day I can say that Johns hasn’t topped what him and EVS did on that book.

I have high hopes for their team-up even if this is only a one-shot. I’m pretty sure that Johns will be able to pull off some kind of logical explanation that would tie whatever GL mythology to what they’ll be introducing to this prologue (well, imo Johns is already and has re-written most of GL’s mythology so I won’t complain already). In Rise of the Third Army, the pesky and foolish smurfs – Guardians of the Universe has considered the Green Lantern Corps a failure (like the Manhunters before them) and are planning to replace the lanterns with what they call the “Third Army” and will be led by the yet-known “First Lantern”. 

So it’s EVS and Johns again. GL has been mediocre for me recently, especially after Blackest Night. But this team-up got me hyped up again. What to expect? rainbow lanterns, death?, alliances, a look into the future of GL, retcons even and one helluva cliffhanger. You can check out a preview courtesy of IGN here. And here’s our official GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 REVIEW.

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