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Deathstroke Rebirth

CARLO PAGULAYAN is pretty famed for Planet Hulk in Marvel and recently been in DC’s Convergence.

With the DC announcement, Pagulayan gets to be in the  roster artist of DEATHSTROKE with writer Christopher Priest. The comic book ships twice a month.

Geoff Johns describes the comic book, “It is the most character driven-sophisticated-nuanced-but-still-shooting-people book ever read. Its really smart, (and) really different.

Deathstroke #1 will be released this August 2016.

DEXTER SOY has been the stabled artist of The Red Hood and The Outlaws for some runs now and has stayed in DC Comics for three years. Apparently, the monthly title that he will be drawing for DC’s Rebirth is still THE RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth

“There will be two new outlaws, to make new ‘Dark Trinity': Bizarro and Artemis of the Amazon.”Johns adds, “It is the most character dripven sophisticated nuanced but still shooting-people book its really smart (and) really different.”

FlipGeeks got to contact with Dexter Soy. He got offered the gig right after he did two issues of Red Hood/Arsenal last year. His reaction was, “Na surprise ako at happy kasi DC (Comics) kept me working and furthermore this is like for DC Rebirth.”

Dexter Soy is assigned for six issue and he just received the first script last Friday. He is currently working on a few adjustments on the character designs of the characters. Soy adds, “They’re basically the same as the current with few adjustments for Red Hood and Bizzarro. For Artemis I’m not sure about her current look pero much more changed yata.”

The Red Hood and The Outlaws #1 will be released this August 2016.

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