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FlipGeeks-Pencilbrush Art Contest Mechanics

FlipGeeks Pencilbrush Art Contest

I. What’s the competition about?

– It’s an art contest! In a single page, draw a character related to the theme (No colors). Make it unique, exciting, creative and fun! And one of the main goals is to create and expand awareness of pinoys when it comes to art and comics.

The competition will officially start on November 8 and will end on December  27, 2011

II. Theme?
– The contest will have a “Superhero” theme, so this means you can’t submit a drawing of a horse, or a man doing owling or whatevs! You can draw existing characters like Batman, Superman, Spidey, or other characters from video games but it would definitely be great if it was your own character or your own rendition of a character.

UPDATE: All drawing should be in pencils, NO INKING and NO COLORS

III. Categories?
– There will only be 3 Categories: Best Male, Best Female and Best Creature design (eg. Aliens, Monsters, Folklore/Mythological). So please bear in mind these categories when you start on your entry.

IV. Who can join?
– Everyone! No age limit! Pros and Non-pros! I MEAN EVERYONE! and its NATIONWIDE!

V. Submission Process?
– You will have to scan your work, and just email us directly the scanned image — 1 entry per person, per category only.

UPDATE: You can submit upto 3 different entries per category, so this means you can submit an entry per category. 1 for best male, 1 for best female and 1 for best creature

- Be sure to put in these details when submitting your entries:

  1. SUBJECT: Pencilbrush – FlipGeeks Contest
  2. SEND TO:
    1. For Best Male and Best Female categories, please send to info@pencilbrush.com
    2. For Best Creature (non-human) category, please send to submissions@flipgeeks.net
  3. In the details, include the following:
    1. Complete name of participant
    2. Title of artwork/entry

- You can submit your entries anytime and day w/in the contest duration. (Please see Section I)

- During the contest, there will be a “Publishing Day” which will occur every Tuesday (11/8, 11/15, 11/22, ….12/27). On this day, all new entries submitted before the Publishing Day will be posted/published in both FlipGeeks and Pencilbrush Facebook pages.

Voting Process and how to win?

- There will be a voting process, and it will involve Facebook LIKES (FlipGeeks and Pencilbrush).

1. All qualifying entries will be showcased in the Voting page for online voting from 8th Novembe- 27th December 2011.
2. Winners will be selected by highest number of votes.
3. All voters in the winning entries will be rolled over to a lucky draw component, where 1 lucky voter from each category will be awarded.
4. All winners will be notified via email and through the Pencilbrush online community on 10 January 2012.
5. Judges decisions are final.


1 x Best Male Superhero: 1 Pencilbrush, 1 book + add-ons (worth about $100)
1 x Best Female Superhero: 1 Pencilbrush, 1 book + add-ons (worth about $100)
1 x Best Creature: 1 Pencilbrush, 1 book + add-ons (worth about $100)
1 x Flipgeeks Editors Choice: 1 Pencilbrush, 1 book + add-ons (worth about $100)
1 x Student: 1 Pencilbrush, 1 book + add-ons (worth about $100)

PencilBrushing LOKAL KOMIKS: Trese

PencilBrushing LOKAL KOMIKS: Manila Man – Defender of Whatever

PencilBrusshing LOKAL KOMIKS: Kalayaan

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