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FlipGeeks Sitdown: FireFallDown


Last month, your FlipGeeks team was invited to FireFallDown’s album launch for “Halimaw” at Craft Rock and Grill. FireFallDown has been around in the music scene for quite awhile with roots tracing back to the UK. They’re released their brand new album, Halimaw, which is a combination of their songs from the past and present. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the band, then you’re in for treat. In this sitdown, we get to know FireFallDown, the band , their music and the individuals that make up the band.

Here, they talk not only about the band’s history they also talk about their insights about music, the local scene and the inspiration behind their music.

You can watch our full interview with FireFallDown at the video below.


FG: Hi, guys! Could you introduce yourselves first and say something interesting about yourselves.

“Sure! Hi, I’m Paulo, drummer.”

“Eric, keyboard player.”

“I’m Jon, I sing and play the guitar.”

“I’m Ronnie and I play the bass.”

Jon: We’re FireFallDown.

FG: So, how’d you guys start? Could you tell us the story?

Jon: Well, there are two parts to that, kasi FireFallDown, the original line-up formed back in 2007. So, this line-up, we started about a year ago.

Eric: Yeah. A year ago. This is version 2, FireFallDown version 2.

Ronnie: This is the Halimaw line-up.


Jon: Ronnie, came in a year and a half ago.

Paulo: The second line-up was when Jon went back to the Philippines. Way back we’re friends from Kerplunk! It’s an indie record label way back from 2004, 2005 and we became friends back then. But then again, Jon went back to the UK to be with FireFallDown (original) and afterwards, he decided to come back to the Philippines for family…So ayun, we formed (FireFallDown) Jon and I, with JL, we were the first three piece in the local scene.

JL is from Philia and Even. Then Axel, keyboardist from Maryzark, was the one who actually referred me to Jon because…

Jon: Actually, way way back when Maryzark recorded their first album, si Pau pa yung drummer nila. And I was there the whole time they were recording, so Pat (Kerplunk!) and I talked often about how this guy was such a good drummer. When Axel mentioned na Pau Mendoza, formerly from Maryzark is free and was looking for band; I said Yes! I immediately get in touch with him and then after that, Ronnie, the sessionist for Kitchie Nadal; give him to me too! *laughs* and then Eric, from Fuseboxx..

Paulo: Yeah!

Eric: We have a common friend, his name is Ketchup, I would like to thank him for…

Paulo: Letting us meet.

Ronnie: Actually, nung una naming na-meet si Eric, akala ko si Rico Blanco.


Eric: Uy, interview yan.


FG: What got you into music and was your first instrument?

Jon: For me it was, the first instrument ever? My parents tried to get me to learn the keyboard siguro when I was 4 or 5 but I didn’t pursue it, now I really regret it. Especially, whenever I see Eric play, I feel really feel horrible about it, giving up keyboard lessons.

Eric: Ako, I always wanted to be a guitar player but masakit sa kamay. Started my lessons with classical, naka-grade two ako kaso..

Jon: It was guitar before keys?

Eric: Yes. I really wanted to be a classical guitar player. Eventually, nakita ko yung piano, it was easier and then nakita ko yung organ, much easier and then I saw a guy playing the synthesizer, which is easier kasi you only press one note..

Jon: Keyboard is not easy..

Eric: Yeah.

Jon: Nahirapan ako.

Eric: Kaya ayun, it was the guitars and then the keyboards. Ayun, I’m stucked with the keyboards for almost..one year.


Paulo: Hindi ka nagrerehearse?

Eric: No, I’ve been playing for ages.

Ronnie: Naalala ko grade 3 ata. First instrument ko is drums. Gaya ni Jon, pinaturuan din ako ng parents ko mag-piano. Pero ayoko, masungit yung teacher ko,eh.

Eric: Tsaka hindi cool, no?

Ronnie: Oo,eh. Tapos kailangan straight body ka but sana kung nagturo sa akin before si Eric. I got into music kasi yung family naming musikero lahat,eh.

Eric: Buti ka pa. Ako pinilit ko lang.

Paulo: Ako, my first instrument is the guitar.

Eric: Acoustic?

Paulo: Acoustic. First song ko “Line to Heaven”, D-A-G-A, Introvoys yun.


Paulo: Yun yung pinakamadali,eh tsaka yung mga lumang Siakol na kanta.

FG: Could you tell us more about your music? What’s your inspiration? Where do you get your inspiration? Some people get it from love, experiences..

Eric: For FireFallDown, sa taas.

Jon: Yeah, same.

Eric: Yun lang yun.

Paulo: Oo. Like if you listen tour music, it’s more based on belief, faith. It’s how we give ourselves, we play not just for (the sake of playing). Some musicians kasi play music based on love, life..

Eric: For FireFallDown, we have an added factor, eh.

Paulo: We play our music to God.

Jon: Kasi everybody here is very, although we’re not exactly on the same page, our faith means a lot to us. Some of our songs are explicit about that while some are medyo subtle about it but all of it is..I don’t think we’re ever gonna write anything that’s like sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, like sleep around, get rich or whatever. It’s more on things that are aligned with biblical things.

FG: Any words for aspiring musicians? Any tips?

Jon: Eric needs to speak about that.

Eric: All of you who are aspiring to become musicians, this is something that you have to think of, Music is a chance, not a choice like kapatid mo or family mo, or trabaho mo. Music is there to serve as your inspiration. Don’t be like “hindi na ko mag-aaral, mag-music na lang ako.” That’s not the case. It’s not the air that you breathe, it’s a chance, not a choice. Siguro yun yon,eh. You have to enjoy it as much as you can because you’ll never know, eh. Like some musicians na malapit na magkaroon ng arthritis..


Paulo: Ilang taon ka na ba?

Eric: Ang bata ko pa,eh. Keep that in mind. Music is a chance, not a choice.

FG: Since we are a geek site, is there anything that you guys are geeking about right now?

Ronnie: Stranger Things. I love Stranger Things. Doctor Strange, I haven’t watched it, I’m planning on watching it in IMAX.

Paulo: Ako, I love to watch series like Gotham, Flash, Suits, complicated kasi yung Suits. More on tv series ako, eh not much on toys.
Jon: I don’t know if you’ll consider it as geeky but it’s Philosophy, Theology that I geek out about.

Ronnie: Ako, wala.

Paulo: Hindi siya geek,eh.

FireFallDown: Thank you guys!!!

FG: Final message?

Eric: Please support our music. Support OPM. Listen to the songs when you can, you’ll never find out kung gaano kaganda yung OPM. Don’t just stick to the things that you like. Music is something that you need to digest. Please, please support OPM.

Paulo: Most of the generation today are more into international artists. Ang OPM ay hindi patay. Sobrang broad ng industry, ang daming great bands na hindi nakikita. You have to get out, go and watch gigs. Kasi tayo kung ano lang narinig natin sa radio, kung ano yung na feed sa atin, we stick to that. May be we can be more, let’s say, adventurous when it comes to music. Get out, labas kayo ng kwarto niyo, wag kayo makinig or manood ng tv lang, check out the bars.




Not everyone is given a chance to be heard and FireFallDown made sure that they’re not wasting the chance they’re given. Not only are they playing good music but they’re also spreading positivity and the good news through their music. We would like to thank FireFallDown for accommodating the FlipGeeks team during their album launch. Stay tuned as we would be also releasing our album review for Halimaw soon!

You can listen to FireFallDown’s Halimaw in Spotify. You can also get physical copies of the album at their gigs.

You can learn more about the band and their gigs at FireFallDown’s Facebook page.

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