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GIRLY GEEK GUIDE: Reasons Why Girls Can Have Fun in Komikon 2015

Comics internationally have come a long way when it comes to female species. I’ve been reading comics since I was kid and people usually mislabeled you as ‘tomboy’ or ‘boyish’. But nowadays, the female species of this generation are indeed so lucky because this kind of social discrimination is slowly dissipating away and is now being widely expected. Now, you can wear a MAC Red lipstick and a pair of stilettos while reading Grayson or Saga. Isn’t that cool? (But seriously, you don’t need to wear stilettos if you don’t want to.)

This is your Girly Geek Guide. Making girly things out of geeky things.

It’s almost Mid-November and for comic book girl like me, it’s time to geek out and re-discovered the rich talent that our fellow Filipinos and Filipinas have. It’s time for Komikon!

For newbies, (especially if it is your first time to hear it), Komikon is a comic book convention that features local comic book artists and writers under one roof. It usually happened twice a year, one during summer and one during rainy season. The comic book artists and writers varied in some many ways. And if you are that somebody that wants to unearth the treasures of our Mother Land in terms of comics. Girl, this comic book convention is for you.

When I first attended Komikon, almost half of the attendees were from the male population. It was a lonely world out there. But now, I am glad that I am seeing a growing inhabitants from the female species. That’s actually a good sign. It only means that there is a budding group of female comic book readers. However, if you are still thinking twice of joining the fun of Komikon, let me give four reasons why girls can have fun in this local convention.

1. No Wonder Woman. Just TRESE

17There is a part of your geeky desire to become a female superhero, or if you are patriotic you want a comic book that show female empowerment. Well, Komikon have dozens of local comic books that features female characters that can kick ass. They don’t have blonde hair or big boobs, just pure -blooded Pinay beauty. If you are that attendee, my dear reader, I highly recommend you Budjette Tan‘s and Kajo Baldisimo‘s Trese. Not only that you get your dose of supernatural entities but it will also give a window about Filipino mythology and a good-looking tikbalang who rides a motorcycle named Maliksi. Komikon has an extensive selection of local komiks that expertise in the Filipino culture and lifestyle where you can totally relate yourself as a Manila Girl or probably the Urbanized Probinsyana. From a half-Filipina named Halina, Ambush to Hipster Hulyen, I am sure that there’ll be a lot of female hormones jumping out of your heart after reading those komiks.

1. Art Feels

Komikon is not just about comics. They also featured arts and sketches. If you are the art-geeky girl and is looking for something to post in your headboard or to stick in your little museum of sketches in your office, Komikon has a wide variety of artists. You’ll be amazed on how those artists flick those markers and pens to complete your commission in just one seating and if you are patient enough, you can actually witness them drawing your request. And did I just say that there are also international Filipino artists in this convention? You heard me right. It’s expensive to see Stephen Segovia or Roy Allen Martinez weave the inks and colors in SDCC, but in Komikon, you can see them do magic in a piece of paper for a wallet-friendly price.

3. Young Blood Talents

During Komikon, one of the specialties that I always loved is the “Indie Tiangee” and honey, it’s not your usual tiangee. Indie Tiangee features new local comic book writers and artists from all parts of Philippines. There, they are given a place to exhibit and promote their komiks. Indie Tiangee is also a door for comic book readers who are looking for a new prey to satisfy their reading needs. You’ll be surprise on how young these writers and artists are. Some of them are still studying and at the same time, pursuing their passion in making comics. Isn’t that admirable?

4. Eye candies and Friendship Goals


If you are that girl who goes alone in this type of conventions, Komikon can give a full access to those people who have the same interest as you are. You get to meet new friends and learn new perspective about local comics. You’ll be surprise when you get to interact with them. You never know, you might find your True Love here. (Plus, there are good looking comic book artists too. That’s an icing on a cake. Yum.)



But of course, you are there to buy komiks right? The good news is that most of the local comic book creators debut during Komikon and most of those komiks are in their introductory price, which means only one thing — prices are different after Komikon. They are also a lot for exhibitors that sell their comic book collection for very low prices! What more can you ask for? You can even get those komiks signed by the artists themselves. (Selfies wouldn’t hurt too. Just ask nicely.)

But of course, what is most important is that you’ll be exposed to a whole new environment in terms of local comic book scene. You’ll be surprised that there’s a huge community that supports and loves local comic books. So, if you are curious enough to go to Komikon, I highly encourage you to take a leap and take that pair of sexy boots and discover the colorful world of komiks.

 Komikon will be on November 14-15, 2015 at Bayanihan Center. See you there!


 (c) Pictures from Jumar Lucman and Paul Candelaria, 2014

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