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Jeff Lemire And Kim Jacinto Launch New The Sentry Ongoing

Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto are launching a brand new The Sentry ongoing series as part of Marvel’s “Fresh Start” relaunch. This comes after the Sentry’s recent return in Doctor Strange.

“The Sentry is a fascinating character,” Lemire told ComicBook. “I absolutely loved the original Sentry series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee when it first came out, so I jumped at the chance to write the character. The Sentry has a lot of emotional depth and a lot for me to dig into in terms of the psychology of the character. He is immensely powerful and has the potential to be one of the greatest and most important heroes in the Marvel Universe, but he is constantly undermined by his own dark side and his own self-doubt.”


Of course, with the Sentry comes his dark side, The Void, who will still have a role to play in the new series.

“You cannot have The Sentry without the Void,” said Lemire. “But what I was very conscious of was not simply retelling the same stories that had been told in the past with Sentry and Void. I want to see their relationship and their characters evolve and go in new directions.”

The series will be set some time after Sentry’s reappearance in Doctor Strange, with Bob Reynolds having already reintegrated in the Marvel Universe a bit.

Kim Jacinto described his art switching between “a bit clean to dark and gritty” signifying the Sentry’s troubled mental state. He added, “drawing different realities are fun and sometimes fun takes out the challenge.”

The Sentry is the latest title to be announced as part of Marvel’s “Fresh Start.” Other titles that were announced include Tony Stark: Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

The Sentry #1 will launch on June.

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