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KILLAR MILLAR STORIES: Wolverine – Old Man Logan

This series produced by the Flipgeeks Crew picks one Mark Millar story and dissect, nitpick it for all the comic book geeks in preparation for the arrival  of the Scottish write – the KILLAR MILLAR STORIES!!

In this part, we would like to focus on Mark Millar’s “Wolverine – Old Man Logan“.

I remembered when I first heard when Mark Millar would be coming back from the Wolverine title. From his infamous storyline arc with the Canadian runt – The Enemy of the State, I wouldn’t pass this up. Especially, reuniting with the awesome Steve McNiven – where both teamed-up for a Marvel event: CIVIL WAR – which was praised to be one of the most memorable events in the Marvel Universe. From the start when the first preview pages were released in the net, it was a sure bet that everybody would jot down this arc in their pull lists. Who wouldn’t like to see an old Wolverine in a futuristic-western setting running by an incestuous family of Hulks?

This book resembles a lot of old Clint Eastwood western-themed films, but with a mix of the Marvel U conjured by the twisted mind of Millar.

McNiven never disappointed us all with his violent-bloodied panels, clear & understandable facial expressions on characters, Venom T-Rex, epic backdrops that supplements Millar’s concept in this epic story and his awesome covers that would just make you up the comic (even if you are not a Wolverine fan). The inkers and the colorists did a superb job. From harmonious spectrum of color of the desert landscape, to the costume of Hawkeye’s daughter (who is part of Peter Parker’s bloodline), to Pym falls and to the massive spooge coming out from the grand-daddy Hulk.

It was mentioned that Millar’s concept is to make a 3-part story and this was the first-part. But as for now, with his deep devotion with Millarworld and his creator-owned projects, we might probably not see the continuation of this.

For me, Old Man Logan is a great read and it can be read by any who wants to read a good Wolverine story. Heck, I bet you can give this to your girl-friend/girlfriend/wife for a try.


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