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Kim Jacinto Talks About Working on The Sentry


Robert Reynolds is back with his own series written by prolific writer Jeff Lemire! With the first issue hitting stores today, we’ve chatted with series artist Kim Jacinto about the book.

How did you become the artist for The Sentry?

They contacted me while I’m working on Avengers: No Surrender. Kaya after ng No Surrender, jump in agad ako sa Sentry.

What did you learn from your work on Avengers that you can apply on The Sentry?

Siguro sa pag layout ng pages especially daming characters, sobrang mahirap talaga. Also sa art style, iba kasi yung art style ko dun sa Avengers, so pinag mi-mix ko yung style ko sa Avengers and yung sa Sentry. I hope magustuhan nung mga readers.

[Probably doing page layouts involving several characters. It’s really hard. I used a different art style on Avengers too, so I just mixed both styles here on the Sentry. I hope readers will like it.]

Jeff Lemire is one of the prominent writers in the comics. What’s it like working with him?

Very happy! I especially got very, very excited when Marvel told me Jeff is writing The Sentry. It’s an honor working with Jeff.

What are the challenges in drawing a character like the Sentry?

Wala naman sigurong challenge sa character, more on sa sequential layouts yung challenges talaga. Siguro pinaka-ayaw ko lang drawing yung buhok niya. Hahaha!

[There’s really no particular challenge on the character, but more on the sequential layouts of the pages. What I probably don’t like the most is his hair. Hahaha!]

Before this gig, what did you know about Sentry?

Honestly, I only know Sentry only by name and not his back story, powers, etc. So nagresearch talaga ako about him kasi ang alam ko lang, siya ay parang Superman na long hair. Haha!

[I did research on him because as far I know, I only know him as Superman with long hair. Haha!]

Superman vs Sentry – who wins?

I dont know. Haha! Superman, I guess?

From all the artists who have drawn the Sentry, who is your favorite? Which one is the most similar to your style?

Jae Lee!

Were there work that you had to revise? If yes, how did you take it? How should artists react for revision from a writer/editor?

Yeah, actually meron and it’s my fault. Wrong character na i-drawing ko so ayun, ulitin natin! Haha! Sa reaction part naman, you just have to listen and do what needs to be revised. Isa rin sa tinignan nung mga editors is yung attitude ng artist.

[Yeah, there is actually and it’s my fault. I drew the wrong character so I had to do it again. For the artists reaction on revisions, you just have to listen and do what needs to be revised. One of the things the editors watch out for is the attitude of the artist.]

Now as a new father, how do you manage your time for work and taking care of your baby?

Difficult! I’m very slow at the moment, lalo na kakagaling ko lang sa sakit kaya medyo mahaba ang deadline ko sa Sentry. Joshua Cassara is helping me with the pages on issue #2. I draw the scenes from Sentry’s world while he draws the real world scenes.

Being a father is the best thing that ever happened to my life. My baby is my Joy and my life.

[I’m very slow at the moment, since I just recovered from being sick but I still meet deadlines.]

 The Sentry #1 hits shelves today!

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