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KOMIK PREVIEW: Cresci Prophecies: Book of Arcen (Vol. 1-3)

Cresci Prophecies: Book of Arcen (Vol. 1-3)

Story & Art by
Joanah Tinio-Calingo
Point Zero Comics
Cover Price:
Volume 1 – P330
Volume 2 – P380
Volume 3 – P400

Ceredion is haunted by visions and premonitions about an unborn mortal woman’s death, showed to him by his counterpart, Myste. Disturbed by the premonitions, and later after finding out about the girl’s destructive power, he finds a way to meet the girl thinking that she would be a threat to him and to all of Rohedien. In a nutshell, the story is about a god, a mortal, and a forgotten prophecy that talks about someone’s downfall. A prophecy which looms throughout the series.

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