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KOMIKS INTERVIEW with Carlo Valenzuela

Carlo Valenzuela, a green horn in the Filipino indie komiks scene. He is the creator of the komiks’ ever blue iron & “ang bakal na stainless”, Boy Bakal. He also released another komik, entitled Ang Bumbilyang Itim. Watch out for his new komiks, called ‘Birdie Kid’ and ‘Kapitan Uwak’. Oh, what joy. [smiley face]


FLIPGEEKS: Tell me about yourself?
Carlo Valenzuela: They say, I’m a funny person. I say, I’m always serious.

FG: What is the best part of yourself?
CV: Hmmm… I guess, my hands. They say, I’m artistic. Hahaha.

FG: What is the worst part of yourself?
CV: Sometimes, I’m clumsy and forget things that I really need to do.

FG: How did you first discover comics?
CV: When I was a kid, I read newspapers, and automatically, I found comics. Little by little, I found it interesting.

FG: Do you have a day-job? If the answer is yes, then what is it?
CV: No, I’m still a student.

FG: If you weren’t working in comics, what would you be doing?
CV: Painting.  Well… I’ve been painting since I was in the 3rd grade.

FG: What are you most likely to complain to an editor/a co-creative team member?
CV: None.  Everyone has the right to say something about a certain topic.  So,  I don’t usually complain since that’s the person’s opinion.

FG: Who is the biggest influence on your work?
CV: My classmate in elementary who taught me on how to make comics.

FG: What were your past works?
CV: I made my very first comic strip when I was in the 4th grade. The title is ‘Alapaap’.

FG: What are you working on right now?
CV: My ‘Boy Bakal’ comics and my latest comic, ‘Ang Bumbilyang Itim’.

FG: How do you work? Do you do any rituals before, during and after working?
CV: I just work when i feel like it. I don’t do any rituals. I’ll just get a pencil and start drawing… Hahahaha.

FG: What is the single work of which you are most proud of

CV: My first painiting, which was exhibited before. Hahahaha.

FG: Name one your guilty pleasures.
CV: None, I guess? Well, I’ll just keep that a secret.

FG:What is the last comic that you bought?
CV: Uhhh… Supergirl (issue) no.53. Hahaha.  I love Supergirl!

FG: Who could play you on a movie about your life?
CV: Well, my life is not that interesting to made as a movie. Hahaha. So, I can be the actor itself.

FG:Pick three things that you couldn’t live without.
CV: 1. Computer

2. Drawing materials

3. Comics

FG: What is the strangest thing in your house?
: Whooo! My giant poop stuff toy! I love it. Well, my parents always says it’s disgusting.

FG:What music are you listening these days?
Ah, I love the oldies!!! Especially, the Beatles! Ang lumang mga kanta ay hindi nalalaos

FG:What is your favorite comic of all time?

FG:Who is your bestfriend?
CV: I don’t have a bestfriend. But, I do have bestfriends!

FG: What TV shows & series and movies you like?
I like action and more on robots and metal stuff.

FG: If you have superpowers, what would it be? What would be your superhero name?
: I want to be invincible! And my name will be, Invinciman!

FG: What is the worst advice that you’ve ever received?
None. Well, I’m the one who gives worst advice. Beware. Hahaha.

FG:What is the best advice that you’ve ever received?
: My parents told me that I shouldn’t stop making comics, and continue what I started.

FG: Name someone you admire. And explain Why.
Stan Lee! I love his works. Of course, he is the one who made Iron Man, not Tony Stark! Hahahaha.

FG: What do you think of komiks nowadays?
Sad to say, most Filipino children, nowadays, don’t read comics anymore. So, I want to encourage people to like comics, especially, Philippine comics.

FG:Tell me about being an independent komik creator?
: Its fun! You meet a lot of people, pero magastos. Hahaha. I usually spend a lot of my allowance just to print my comics.

FG:What would you like to see happen in Philippine komiks in the next 12 months?

CV: I want to see more Filipino children read comics, and I want to see new indie comic artist like me.

FG:What the world needs now is…

FG:Who is your favorite and up & coming komik artist, writer, creator?
Can’t wait to see Florencio Jusay Jr’s KRISIS KOMIKS! Sana Komikon na! Hahaha.

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