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Today, here’s an initial interview with Mr. Gio Paredes. He’s an indie komikero (creator,writer and artist) and most well known as the creator of KALAYAAN – The hero who wears the red, white and blue… and yellow.

Interview by Norby Ela

FG: Tell me about yourself?
GP: I currently work as a computer programmer in ortigas and create/publish Kalayaan comics on my free time.

FG: What is the best part of yourself?
GP: My sense of humor.

FG: What is the worst part of yourself?
GP: My temper.

FG: How did you first discover comics?
GP: My father brought me Funny Komiks every week when I was still in elementary. I probably had the most collection in our neighborhood at that time. But it was in college when I was exposed to western comics and that was the time I really considered starting a career in creating comics. I guess that how it all started for me.

FG: Do you have a day-job? If the answer is yes, then what is it?
GP: I currently work as a computer programmer in Ortigas.

FG: If you weren’t working in comics, what would you be doing?
GP: I think I would still be working as a computer programmer.

FG: What are you most likely to complain to an editor/a co-creative team member?
GP: I actually have not work with an editor before so I guess I have nothing to complain about.

FG: Who is the biggest influence on your work?
GP: There are a lot of them actually. I will just separate them into two.
Foreign: Jim Lee, David Finch, Marc Silvestri, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Rob Liefield, Ron Lim, Todd McFarlane, and Dale Keown.
Local: Reno Maniquis, Lan Medina, Whilce Portacio, Gilbert Monsanto, Carlo Pagulayan, Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Vergara, Gener Pedrina, and Kajo Baldisimo.

FG: What were your past works?
GP: Kalayaan comics is my first and current works right now. So practically, I am still a rookie.

FG: What are you working on right now?
GP: I am still working on my Kalayaan comics series. I am currently working on issue #11 and hope to continue it for many more years to come.

FG: How do you work? Do you do any rituals before, during and after working?
GP: I don’t have any. I just want a very quiet place where I can draw and that’s it.

FG: What is the single work of which you are most proud of?
GP: Kalayaan comics.

FG: Name one your guilty pleasures.
GP: Eating Donuts, Pizza and other fatty foods.

FG: What is the last comic that you bought?
GP: Invincible #74

FG: Who could play you on a movie about your life?
GP: A wise man once said that if your going to dream, Dream BIG. So I will go for Aga Muhlach

FG: Pick three things that you couldn’t live without.
GP: Air, food and shelter.

FG: What is the strangest thing in your house?
GP: I guess that would be my collection of weapons. From a ninja throwing star(Shuriken) to a Rambo knife. You name it, I have it (except for a real gun).

FG: What music are you listening these days?
GP: Pop Music.

FG: What is your favorite comic of all time?
GP: Invincible.

FG: Who is your bestfriend?
GP: My Wife

FG: What TV shows & series and movies you like?
GP: DC Animated Cartoons, All StarTrek TV series and Movies

FG: If you have superpowers what would it be?
GP: Power of flight.

FG: What would be your superhero name?
GP: The flying man.

FG: What is the worst advice that you’ve ever recieved?
GP: Marami ka pang bigas na kakainin. (In English… ‘You Suck’)

FG: What is the best advice that you’ve ever recieved?
GP: Never give up.

FG: Name someone you admire. And explain Why.
GP: Independent comics creators. I said this because they think differently. Why struggle so hard to get a job that you would end up working as an employee all your life. Instead you could create a company, be an employer and create characters that you truly own. I have a lot of admiration for those people who continue to publish their own comics (local and international). They have a lot of guts to form their own company and not have a safer job as a hired artist by the BIG two company. It is very risky (specially if you do not know what you are doing) but in the long term, the reward is much much BIGGER.

FG: What do you think of komiks nowadays?
GP: Internationally, I think it has been stagnant. The BIG two company has been milking their 60 to 70+ old characters for way too long. They keep on killing and resurrecting their characters to gain sales.

Locally, I am very much optimistic since there are more and more events to showcase the works of independent creator such as my self.

FG: Tell me about being an independent komik creator?
GP: It is very hard, but the self satisfaction and happiness that you have created something is indescribable.

FG: What would you like to see happen in Philippine komiks in the next 12 months?
GP: A better distribution. In order for the Philippine komiks to flourish once again, it needs to be distributed across the country on a regular basis.

FG: What the world needs now is…

FG: Who is your favorite and up & coming komik artist, writer, creator?
GP: For the Artist, that would be I really Erwin Ropa. He is one of the contributor of the previous issue of Kalayaan. And this guy could really draw.
As for the writer and creator… does my self counts?

Watch out for the new issue of Kalayaan (#11) coming in Komikon 2010.

Norby Ela

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