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BATHALA: Apokalypsis #2

Story by
David Hontiveros
Art by
Ace Enriquez
Cover by
Ace Enriquez
Alamat Comics
Cover Price

Previously in BATHALA: Apokalypsis:


Andrew Carreon, reporter, is secretly the mighty superhero, Bathala.

Foremost among his many foes, is Bathala’s arch-enemy, brilliant and wealthy Harold Hernandez, who was friends with Andrew years ago, when they were in high school. Of all those who oppose Bathala in the hero’s crusade for justice, Hernandez is the most dangerous and the most relentless.

Unknowingly, as part of a plot hatched by Hernandez, Andrew’s twin brother, environmentalist Leonardo Carreon, has his entire personality digitally mapped and encoded, turned into an UP, an Uploaded Personality; Leo believes this will help him in his lifelong struggle to protect the planet Earth, a noble intention Andrew understands only too well.

However, during the press conference to announce the historical (and recently completed) procedure– and while Bathala’s attention is diverted by the violence caused by the hero’s dark, twisted clone, ThaBa’al– Leo is assassinated by a gunman.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a bizarre humanoid creature is killed by lightning, before it can make an attempt to contact Bathala, who it believes has the power to stop a seemingly impending catastrophe.

A catastrophe that could very well be the Biblical Apocalypse.

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Story by David Hontiveros
Art by Ace Enriquez
Based on an idea by Gerry Alanguilan
Costume designed by Kajo Baldisimo & Ace Enriquez

Costume designed by Kajo Baldisimo & Ace Enriquez

To read the first issue online, CLICK HERE!

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