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KOMIKS PREVIEW: Boy Bakal, Ang Bakal na Stainless #1

Boy Bakal, Ang Bakal na Stainless #1

Story & Art by:
Carlo Valenzuela
Cover Price:

Boy Bakal follows the story of 10-year-old Rayan Keen, a child prodigy and owner of a successful chain of junk stores scattered across the Philippines.

While being held captive by a rather paedo-cannabalistic* homosexual man by the name of Bundat, Rayan takes on the measures of building himself a powered suit of armor in order to escape his kidnapper. This, in turn, is the starting point in which he embarks on a new journey of becoming a superhero by the name of Boy Bakal.

*paedo-cannabalistic is not really a word; it’s a combination of the words ‘paedophilia’ and ‘cannabalism’ to reflect the true nature of Bundat, which is his penchant for eating little boys.

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