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KOMIKS PREVIEW: Gerilya Komiks Volume One Compilation

Gerilya Komiks Volume One Compilation

Story and Art by
Jano Gonzales, Nico Zapanta and Kube Villarete
Cover Price

Gerilya Komiks is an independent comics created in magazine format. Volume One Compilation features two serials, Banal/Laban and Hook, which run and concluded after three separate issues. The compiled release also includes bonus comic strips, Tsupeyups and HayUP.

Year 2076: A decade has passed since the Naga Tribe of the South began their struggle for autonomy from the hands of the government. Blood had been spilt from both sides and soon after, the superior Northerners claimed victorious. As an assurance, the head of the government secretly ordered the complete annihilation of the rebel tribe. The massacre was successful –or everyone thought so. This is the story of the huramentado -the battle of the last son of the Naga Tribe.

HOOK Story
The universe is now a battlefield; Scarred by endless war, trapped in the realm of anarchy and conflict. Man is driven by greed and the thirst for absolute power. Only to be achieved by means of ancient sorcery. Captain Hook searches the universe for the most powerful gems scattered across space in the attempt to save it from the forces of evil… Join Hook on his quest to retrieve the most powerful gem of them all. But is he the chosen bearer? And what awaits him on his adventure? Will he be able to survive on a planet where no one has before?

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