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LOKAL GRIND: Andrew Villar’s AMBUSH in Omnibus

With upcoming comic events this April & May, our local comic book creator, cartoonist and TV director of a Filipino-children show – Andrew Villar is set to launch a compilation in an omnibus edition of his created-comic heroine, Ambush.




Andrew Villar: Well, it was a plan since 2010, kaya lang di pa enough yung mga strips. Now I have at least 400+ (strips) now, I think it’s about time to publish a compiled book.

The strips in the omnibus is from 2006 to 2008, they appeared first sa (newspaper,) Manila Bulletin.

Norby Ela: How many pages will this be?

Andrew: 116 pages. 203 comic strips (more or less) with 18 guest comic stars

Norby: Seriously, di ko ma-imagine doing that number of pages, ano sikreto mo? Hahahaha

Andrew: Haha. Eh, naipon lang kasi ang mga strips. Tapos… I followed an advise of a critic noong 2010 pa… kaya since, I have all the freedom to add pages and strips… I’ve extended the ‘Parents Trapped‘ story arc.

More or less, it’ll be more detailed. I’ll be showing a little bit of origin din ni Ambush here. 19 new strips ang dinagdag ko.
Norby: Ano ang advise ng critic na nabigay sayo?

Andrew: The critic said na bitin ang storytelling… kaya I extended it na.
Norby: To all who’s going to read this book (new readers and old readers), what should they expect?

Andrew: For those peeps, who doesn’t know Ambush, ‘It’s all here’ – how she was born, what’s her background, all missions with the Bravo Company, until her “comics” death and to her resurrection.


And for the fans: well, everything they love about Ambush, is here. All her strips from 2006 to 2008.
Norby: When you compare your art and storytelling skills from noon and now, what do you have to say for it?

Andrew: I think it’s getting cleaner. Hahaha

Love those clean lines.

Sa storytelling, trying to improve, especially with the current strips and story arcs im doing now for the Manila Bulletin. Nabubuo ang stories…
Norby: Ano pala measurements ng omnibus?

Andrew: Standard indie komiks size. Half short bond paper, 5.5″ x 8.5″
Norby: Halimbawa, nagkaroon ng house party tapos nagspin the bote ang laro. Na spin mo ang bote and na point kay Heart Evangelista. Kung ‘dare’ ang sasabihin nya, ano ipapagawa mo sa kanya? Kung ‘truth’ naman, ano itantanong mo sa kanya?

Andrew: Kahirap naman nun. Hahaha. Kung ‘dare’, hiwalayan niya si Chiz (Escudero). Hahaha

Kung ‘truth’…


Norby: Paano kung ‘truth’? Hahaha

Andrew: Ayaw ko. Hahaha

Gusto ko hiwalayan niya si Chiz, eh. Hahaha

Norby: Hahaha. OK, OK. Kung nagkaroon ng miracle na naghiwalay sila ni Chiz. And nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na mahlikan mo si Heart romantically. Gagawin mo ba?

Andrew: Romantically? Isipin ko pa, eh. Sorry, Heart. Hahaha

Norby: ‘Di beso-beso, ah. As in full passion na halik.

Andrew: Ayaw ko naman siya maging GF, dude! Gusto ko siya maging si Ambush. Ganun lang. Choz! Hahaha
Norby: Kelan ang book launch ng omnibus mo?

Andrew: It’ll be out during Summer Komikon. Then FCBD din… sa both events, PhP 250 lang siya. And ang panalo dyan, si Rod Espinosa ang cover.

It’ll be a cool book, I guess… mas maganda magkakasama silang lahat ng strips, eh… para mas magets ng readers si Ambush.

Kasi Ambush is simply fun and action-packed CORNY jokes. Hahaha


Ambush  Omnibus will have a premiere release this April

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