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MARK MILLAR Working on New DC and Marvel Project?

Mark Millar Millarworld

It’s been a while since we last saw Mark Millar wrote for the Big Two comics publishers, DC and Marvel. But that could change in the near future as he’s admitted to having major plans for both publishers.

In a post on Millarworld forums, Millar stated he has an idea for a big Superman story that he’s been polishing for the last five years, and only recently has it finally all came together. Furthermore, he has major plans for a Marvel story that’s more of a personal goal for him.

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“I’ve been talking to my old pals at Marvel about doing something for the last eighteen months,” said Millar. “Like the Superman story, it’s just six issues long, but would be a major work and something that scratches a fanboy itch.”

Unfortunately, he could only do one project for one of the Big Two publishers due to scheduling conflicts. “I only have 12 weeks set aside at the end of the year to do ONE special project for one of the Big 2 as the artists are ready on all my Millarworld sequels immediately after,” Millar added.

His last work for either of the Big Two publishers was DC’s Superman Adventures back in 2012. Since then, Millar has devoted his attention to his creator-owned comics for the past few years such as ChrononautsHuck and Empress. And later this year, he is teaming up with Batman artist Greg Capullo for a new series called Reborn. 

Millar reassured fans that either projects will be epic, saying, “my plan here is do either the best Superman story ever or the most important Marvel comic of the last twenty years. “

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