Posted March 12, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

Marvel Begins A New Digital Campaign with Marvel Comics Infinite

Marvel Comics joins the throng of digital comic book publishing companies as they revealed their plans for Marvel Comics Infinite during the 2012 SXSW.

The new initiative will open comic books for different smartphones and tablets. What’s the difference you might ask? Simply put the Marvel Comics Infinite program will be selling digital comics for iPhones and iPads and other competitors like say, Kindle. The catch is that you don’t have to go and wait for new titles to be sold as fresh titles will be available the same day that its hardcopy counterparts reach local comic book stores.

It was also announced that the first book which will be sold for this initiative will be AVX or Avengers vs X-Men Infinite which will be written by Mark Waid with art by Stuart Immonen.

This tie-in will tell the story of Marvel’s new Nova – who first appeared during Point One. By the way, this new Nova is not a resurrected Richard Rider; rather he’s a new character named Sam Alexander. Yup if the name sounds familiar, you should think of the Nova spotted in the trailer for the Disney XD series “Ultimate Spider-Man”.

Marvel also revealed that “Infinite” will also have several AR (Augmented Reality) features that will definitely make it worth a look.

Earl Maghirang