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MARVEL Comics C.B. CEBULSKI coming to the Philippines for PORTFOLIO and COVER PAGE review — and WHAT YOU SHOULD DO

 ——   MARVEL’s VP for Creator and Content Development – C.B. Cebulski, also best known for his work on Marvel Fairy Tales is coming to the Philippines on MARCH 17 to hold a portfolio and cover page review! And in case you still don’t know who CB is, he’s the one you’ll have to get through in order to get in MARVEL!!! He’s looking for aspiring artists – pencillers, inkers, colorists, cover artists. And since here’s your big chance, we’re here to help you out with our kinda goofy suggestions (its upto you if youll listen to us or not ahaha) before submitting your portfolio:

1. Think frakkin’ BIG. This maybe your best chance, heck, this could even be your first and last. So think big, don’t you dare show him works that you really feel isn’t your best.

2. If you’re looking for works you want to include in your portfolio then pick your RECENT WORKS. If it’s from last year, then it’s still okay. But if its from 2-4 years ago, then please don’t send it. The thing is that if you send your old stuff – especially if you think its your best work, it could either mean that you can do much better now OR you you’ve gotten worse. Sending works that doesn’t really reflect your current skills is just WRONG. Because, for example, you got considered and were asked to submit recent works – then you sent lower quality work, then you’ll just embarrass yourself. We don’t want this scenario to happen, because CB and MARVEL might get turned off with the artists here in the Philippines.

3. Share this NEWS!!!!! We know that some of you might be feeling a little bit selfish, but sharing this news of CB’s portfolio review is very important. Why? — Because if his reception is huge, and if he likes what he sees from Filipino artists, then the probability of him coming back will increase. In Asia, CB has been to Singapore twice for portfolio reviews. So if he and MARVEL likes what they see here, we’re pretty sure they’ll come back next year.

4. Lastly, and probably one of the most important things you should not forget — READ THE RULES for SUBMISSION VERY CAREFULLY !!!!!  Make sure you do all the required actions that you need to do in the submission process. If you mess your submission, then most probably the rest of your works might be disregarded. 


Checkout the submission details below. If you have more inquiries or want more news about this event, stay tuned in FlipGeeks or check out National Book Store’s Facebook page for more details.

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