Posted November 28, 2014 by Jom Guiao in Comics

Marvel Releases Map of BATTLEWORLD Featured in SECRET WARS

Marvel has released the map of Battleworld, the setting for its May 2015 storyline – Secret Wars.


The map feature worlds from different storylines and worlds, all mashed up into one Pangaea-like continent. With Manhattan given the spotlight in this map, you can see that it is split up into 4 sections: Attilan, Manhattan – 616, Manhattan – 1610, Monster Metropolis.

Some notable places in the map are references to previous storylines, both in the ultimate and regular universes. Some of these places are Domain of Apocalypse, 2099, The Monarchy of M and Weird World.

Marvel has also tied-in with different merchandisers like Hasbro, Gentle Giant and Hot Topic to promote the upcoming storyline.

Interestingly enough, the competitors of Marvel, DC Comics, also released a map also containing the worlds included in their future event. Apparently, maps are all the rage and has become the focal point of the comic book giants.

Jom Guiao