Posted December 23, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Wolverine and the X-Men # 3

Reviewing Wolverine and the X-Men # 3 by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo from Marvel Comics.

The third issue for Jason Aaron’s run was another fun romp. Sure most readers who wrote their reviews stated that the issue kinda lost them, I’d like to beg to differ and say that it was great. In fact I’m going to go all out and even say that this book gets better and better with each new issue they put out.

The battle seems lost as the Hellfire brats have managed to call out another classic X-Men villain which tries to destroy the newly built Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. While in the past we find out how Quintin Quire manages to avoid being thrown in jail for the crimes he committed in the pages of X-Men Schism.

The book was structured to focus more on Quintin Quire as compared to the other characters in the book. There were lots of funny dialogues and moments in this issue (much like issue # 2 which focused on Iceman). Quire is starting to grow on me as a great and interesting character. He’s got so much potential as a good guy and has proven twice or even thrice now that he also has potential to be an Omega level threat to world. I guess this is the core story behind Wolverine is the principle of teaching kids with so much potential to be the force for good, similar to what Professor X had in mind when he started the school. It took 3 issues to tell that core value but it was a great and wicked 3 issue ride.

The surprise villain was a nice throwback to the past (around the time Wolverine first officially joined the mutants) and seeing how things panned out, it was a great thrill to read. Plus it had so much potential especially in the sense that theres a big chance that when Sentinels decide to visit the school grounds, the school grounds itself can fight (unlike in Messiah Complex).

One thing that I had to agree with the negative reviews for this issue is the fact that the other characters seemed like they were just forced into the picture or the panel. Kid Gladiator’s dialogue could be used as a main example here. Yes there is a problem with the scripting in some parts but its forgivable.


Earl Maghirang