Posted March 2, 2015 by Miguel Asistio in Comics

New Series THORS will Bring the Hammers Down


There has always been more than one person to claim the title “God of Thunder”, and all of them will be meeting this June in THORS, a new series tied in to Marvel’s mega-event Secret Wars. But it won’t be an ordinary meeting, as they compose the police force that protects the Battleworld, the main setting for Secret Wars itself.

Series writer Jason Aaron said, “This is basically me doing a cop story, but with hammers instead of guns. It’s every version of Thor you can imagine, all walking beats, solving murders, getting yelled at by their commissioner and blowing off steam at their local Thor-cop bar.”

With colorful alernative versions of Thor populating this series, such as Beta Ray Thor, Throg the Frog of Thunder and Thor Stormborn, expect lots of Mjolnir throwdowns and drag-out brawls with the Gods of Thunder. When a murder happens at Battleworld, the united front of Thors try to solve it and realize that it may be too big for them to handle!

Marvel Comics’ THORS #1 will be released on June 2015 and it will have Jason Aaron on writing duties and Chris Sprouse on art duties.

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