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Ubisoft in the Philippines?


One of the biggest video game developers today, Ubisoft is considering setting up a studio here in the country.

In a report by news site, Interaksyon, Mr. Andro Baluyut, board member of the Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP) said “They (Ubisoft) are actively exploring opportunities in the Philippines right now. We are capitalizing on advantages that a few countries have like affordable costs and at the same time we speak English and we are very Westernized.”

If Ubisoft does decides to set-up shop here in our county, this would be a big boost for our local game industry and job opportunities as well for our talented local game developers. There’s a lot of talent here in our country and it’s only a matter of time and with our developing gaming industry it won’t be far long before a multinational company such as Ubisoft notices it.

Here at Flipgeeks, we were fortunate enough to meet and try out games made by our talented local game developers. You might not even know but some of the internationally published games, our local developers were a part of it.

Ubisoft is famously known for their games such as Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell and the Assassins Creed franchise among others. For all the great things that this news brings; we really hope that this deal pushes through, who knows the next Assassin’s Creed may be set in our very own country, fingers-crossed.

A fan made art depicting Assassin's Creed set in the Philippines during the Spanish Occupation.  titled "Assassin's Creed Revolution".

A fan made art depicting Assassin’s Creed set in the Philippines during the Spanish Occupation. titled “Assassin’s Creed Revolution”.

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