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OFFICER DOWNE Gets A Bigger, Better, Bastard Hardcover

Press Release

The Badass With A Badge will return to Image Comics this December in a glorious oversized hardcover edition entitled OFFICER DOWNE: BIGGER, BETTER, BASTARD EDITION HC! Writer Joe Casey (HAUNT, DOC BIZARRE M.D.) and artist Chris Burnham (Batman, Inc.) have added bonus pages and even more pages of over-the-top sex and violence to this new edition, inviting readers to experience OFFICER DOWNE as it was meant to be experienced!

“What could be a better X-Mas gift this year than an oversized hardcover filled with sex and gore and weirdness and gore?” said Casey. “…Did I mention gore? Well, OFFICER DOWNE delivers! I hear it’s Santa’s favorite comicbook about a cop who won’t let death or dismemberment stop him!”

“The first edition of Officer Downe sold out really quickly and I’m always being approached by fans of my Batman Incorporated stuff who are trying in vain to get their hands on it,” added Burnham. “I’m super psyched that they’re finally going to see our contemptible depravity in such a big classy format.”

You’ve never felt “command presence” quite like this! This is the cop that’ll keep coming back for more… even from beyond the grave! As one review from Comic Book Resources explained, “Joe Casey adds the right mix of absurd situations and dialogue, while Chris Burnham’s art steals the show,” and Major Spoilers put it well when they said, “This comic doesn’t just slap you in the face with it’s graphic nature; it helps you up again and slaps you back down twice as hard.”

OFFICER DOWNE: BIGGER, BETTER, BASTARD EDITION HC (OCT110461, ISBN: 978-1-60706-477-0), a 96-page full-color action graphic novel for $12.99, will be on sale in stores December 7, and will be available for order in the upcoming October issue of Previews.

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