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After days of teasing Joe Madureira finally let the secret out of the bag. Joe Madureira known for his comic book works and his Darksiders games had decided to release one of his famous work, Battle Chasers as a game and as a comic book. Battle Chasers was a fan favorite among JoeMad’s fanbase, it run up to nine issues until Joe decided to move on to the video game industry. He co-founded game developer Vigil and released Darksiders games which also became fan favorites.

Years after Battle Chasers and Darksiders became a hit, Joe and his co-founder at Vigil, Ryan Stefanelli formed their new company, Airship Syndicate. This week, Joe had released teasers on both his twitter and facebook pages about the company’s first project. After the teaser went online, fans became excited that the new game JoeMad is teasing would be the beloved, Battle Chasers! Today, Joe and Ryan confirmed at an interview with gaming site, Polygon that indeed, Battle Chasers the game is coming! Nothing specific was said about the game as of this time but they mentioned that it would be a role-playing game and you get to control Battle Chasers characters Garrison, Gully and Calibretto. They also told that Battle Chasers would have a similar feel like the Darksiders games and would be coming to both PC and consoles and considering a tablet release.


Currently, Airship Syndicate is looking for funding for the game. They have yet to decided if funding would be from an investor, publisher or Kickstarter. Ryan says on his interview “We’re going to sort of let fate decide for us exactly how we should best pay for the game.”


Battle Chasers is not only coming back in a video game but it would also return to its original comic book format. JoeMad has not confirmed any publisher or release date for the comic as of this time but did mention on his interview that “I partially just want to update it. I think it’s going to get a visual overhaul too. My art style and storytelling style, everything’s sort of changed and evolved over the years.” His plan is the new series of the comic would run in three-issue arcs, with the first series continue where he left off in 2001.


Joe and Ryan also mentioned that the plan for Battle Chasers is to become a franchise. They are even possibly considering an animated series and are looking for other options which would bring back the Battle Chasers in a big way. The return of Battle Chasers is still in its early stages and nothing official was mentioned about a release date for either the game or the comic book. Fans, me included, are simply thankful and overly excited simply knowing that Battle Chasers is finally coming back.

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