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KOMIKS PREVIEW: Callous Comics – On Lighter Dreams

Callous Comics – On Lighter Dreams

Story & Art by
Carlo Jose San Juan, M.D.
Cover by
Carlo Jose San Juan, M.D.
Published by
Feathers and Tar Productions
Cover Price
PhP 240

“Callous Comics – On Lighter Dreams” brings back Dr. Rianne Nicah and her Guardian, Cal Duck! Picking up where “The Land of the Guardians” left off, Rianne and her best friend, Dr. Aimee Queens, are attacked by a shadowy entity known as D’Shay! Cal and his Guardian mentors come in to fight back the shadows with none other than Muscovy Duck! More adventures ensue as they return to the Guardian Realm to find out more about this mysterious villain!

“Callous Comics – On Lighter Dreams” compiles full-color comic strips from “The Crystal Diary” and “On Lighter Dreams” storylines with print-exclusive additional scenes and artwork. It also features a foreword by fantasy author Walter Shuler (“Celadonian Tales Volume 1: Blood and Brass”, “Gods of Sand and Stone”) and bonus artwork by Ernest John Daryll Fiestan (“Crazy Metro”), Liz Staley (“Adrastus”), Ferrari Ferrarez (“Lethal Fox”), and Andrew Villar (“Ambush”).

“Callous Comics” is published daily at http://callouscomics.com

Details: 52 pages, Colored on glossy paper

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