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One of the highly anticipated and featured titles this recent Summer Komikon was RODSKI PATOTSKI: Ang Dalagang Baby. RODSKI PATOTSKI was the most recent collaboration between comic book superstars, Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre. Both well known and established comic book artists,  RODSKI PATOTSKI was something their fans have been looking forward to (myself included) since they announced the collaboration. Gerry and Arnold had previously collaborated on Lastikman and Darna Lives which were also both well received by fans.

To be honest, RODSKI PATOTSKI was one of the reasons I went to this year’s Summer Komikon. I’m a big fan of both Gerry and Arnonld and once I was inside the Bayanihan Center I immediately lined up to get my copy. Just as the doors open there was already a line starting up in the RODSKI PATOTSKI table. Both Gerry and Arnold were signing copies of the book, Arnold even drew sketches from some luck fans who bought copies of his earlier works like Andong Agimat, Mythology Class and After Eden to name a few. I was actually jealous of those lucky fans but I was too shy to ask for a sketch but I was just happy to have my own copy signed.

RODSKI PATOTSKI did not disappoint, it has the makings of an instant classic. As soon as I started reading I immediately noticed the references to old Filipino comics’ stories/movies. This book is truly a wonder, I’d say that both Gerry and Arnold were at their best on this book. Like what I mentioned earlier, Gerry wrote the story that feels like a classic Filipino Komiks story with a modern twist.  The story starts with the birth of Rodski which happened at a time when people thought it was the end of the world. There was a huge sinkhole in Mandaluyong and childless couple where praying to have their child but to no avail. The father even almost gave up and threatened to pray for the “other” side and then their prayers were answered, RODSKI PATOTSKI was born on a stormy night. The plot seems familiar but the execution was still different, it has references to classic stories but RODSKI PATOTSKI is still an original on its own.

As I continue to read on RODSKI PATOTSKI was actually a combination of a lot of stories/genres. It was not merely a classic Filipino Komiks story. It was best described on Gerry’s afterword, that RODSKI PATOTSKI was “adventure story,a current events story,a love story and a family drama all rolled into one”. RODSKI PATOTSKI was a great read it, there was seamless transition from when Rodski was a child until she was a young adult. There were no dull moments on this book as you’d look forward to what happens in the next chapter of RODSKI PATOTSKI’s life. I wouldn’t spoil the rest of the story for you because you’d definitely savor every moment/page of this book.


As for the art, I couldn’t say anything more; Arnold is the perfect artist for this job. His art compliments Gerry’s story. His drawings were animated and he captured the emotions of each of the character very well. I love how he drew some of the facial expressions, they were exaggerated but it gives you the feeling that you’re watching an animated short. I also loved how the book was published in a widescreen format which was different from the traditional comic book format. I don’t know if it was the creators intention but having it published in this format was better since the book gives you a sense of watching a motion picture while reading. I don’t know if I described it correctly but that’s what I felt.

All I have are praises for this book. Fans of both Gerry and Arnold would surely love to add it to their collection and if it’s your first time reading their work then you’d surely be in for a treat. Its even possible that a movie studio or a television network might pick up the story and have a live adaption of RODSKI PATOTSKI, who knows? But there is that possibly as RODSKI PATOTSKI has that appeal to everyone. It may be a little expensive for some, RODSKI PATOTSKI is priced at PhP 450 but I assure that it’s worth your every peso. It’s a 100 page story comic book which really makes it a value for your money.

If you weren’t able to attend the Summer Komikon you might find copies at Comic Odyssey, Gerry mentioned it on his site that he’d be selling some copies at their store. You can learn more about Gerry through his site KOMIKERODOTCOM and Arnold also has his own site too which you could find here.



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