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Local Writers’, Artists’ & Creators’ Say to FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

This is somewhat a countdown or whatnot for the upcoming geek event that will be celebrated all over the world - FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. And what are our Filipino local artists have something to say about this event? Here are some comments of some our local talents that are involved with FCBD Komiks #1.


ANDREW VILLAR (Ambush Comics)
“FCBD is awareness… comicbooks are here, and never left. And our komiks is our version of PASINAYA (of the Cultural Center of the Philippines)… you get to see samples of work of different Filipino comic book creators, writers and artists from all kinds of genre, from different parts of the world!”

“Thanks to our local comicbook stores, Comic Odyssey and Comicx Hub, we, the Pinoy Indie Artists as well as the mainstream have a venue with these comicbook stores’ free comics!”

*Andrew Villar solicits his AMBUSH Comics #1 – an ongoing series, this year. AMBUSH: Team-Up Comics are still available at Comic Odyssey and online at ComicX Hub.

“Ok, kasi ang pinyo mahilig sa mga ‘libre’ so pag sinabi mong Free or libre talaga lalaki ang mata ng karamihan ng Pinoy, so ang free comic book day will really do affect the Philippines, plus FCBD affect the indie comics by simply showing to the Filipino people that these kind of comics do exist.*

*Carlo Villanueva solicits his Boy Bakal #5 & Alapaap this year.

“As is their goal since it started around 2001, FCBD is a way to attract more readers to comics, be it new ones who’s never picked up a comic book or an old one who wants to reignite the love for comics. For indie comics here in the Philippines, the goal should be the same – to get more people to read and discover the wonders of the stories made by local comics and not just the foreign ones. The compilation we did should do just that.”

*Hub Pacheco solicits his WIP #3 this year.

KAI CASTILLO (Patintero)
“FCBD is a way to say that the comic industry is still alive. Many people pay no heed on what is going on with the comics world. So FCBD is a way to expose it to those who are unaware of that form of medium.”

“How it affects the Indie Komiks Community.. FCBD is also a way to encourage the IKM to step up and join the fun. Some don’t feel the urge of stepping/ leveling up in some ways. That’s the reason why the public do have a poor image of comics inside their heads. Let’s try to change things. Let’s try to move up and climb the ladder. How? By making people believe that comics is as powerful as any medium they see, hear, and hold.”

*Kai Castillo solicits his Patintero #8 this year. More information: http://aztheg.tumblr.com

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