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We managed to snag a little bit of artist Dexter Soy‘s time for a quick chat regarding his recent work appearing in the Age of Ultron Superior Spider-Man tie-in, what he’s up to and much more.

Lets get it on:

Flipgeeks: Hi Dex, What are you up to these days?

Dexter Soy: Sa work, I’m working on some illustrations and some comics stuff. Sa bahay, nothing much, just trying things na di ko nagawa when I was young hehe.

FG: How was it doing the interiors for Superior Spider-Man AU?

DS: It was great working with my writer and editors, It was fun and it came out natural working with such character, since I’m a fan of spider-man. I also enjoyed a bit of liberty on some panels while doing it.

FG: What was your favorite scene to draw in the ish?

DS: The action scenes and the scenes where I could show some scope and environments.

FG: Sa tatlong summer blockbusters coming out, ano ang pinaka bet mo? (Man of Steel, Wolverine, Iron Man 3)

DS: To be honest, I am not a big fan of movies that were adapted to comics.. But I think Man of steel looks good to watch.

FG: Any chance na makita ka pa namin sa Superior outside dun sa AU issue?

DS: Maybe? It might not be Superior, but that would be cool.

Catch Dexter Soy as he goes on two separate signing sessions this weekend (April 6 – 7, 2013) from Comicx Hub and Comic Odyssey.

Earl Maghirang