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REVEL CIRCLE And It’s 11 For 2011

This year, Revel Circle will release not only one, but eleven comic book titles for this November. What are these titles? Here they are:

1. Pest Friends by Linanne Fe R. Pineda
“Kakeru meets Lee Qian who becomes his best friend but also happens to be his ultimate pest friend.”
2. Wish by Fe Pineda
“She once faced death. Reiko’s second chance to live made her struggle more to accept and live in the same world again.”
3. Sumakabilang Klasrum by Maku Felix
“An “invisible” typical highschool wallflower finally made a life changing decision. However, it seems that everything turned out unexpected for her.”
4. Good Morning Lunchbox by Ellie Licuanan
“Can you imagine how a proud infamous schoolboy’s reign has fallen just because of a puny lunchbox girl? “
5. Yukishiro and the Seven Bishonen
6. Winter Egg by Ellie Licuanan
“Juen receives a magical egg that grants a person’s wish, only to find a man inside it! Puzzled, she then desires to know the purpose of the man inside the Winter Egg. “
7. Budang and Friends by Ray Adrian N. Magbanua & Ellie Licuanan
“Budang is not a gibberish word. Follow the paw prints of this cute cuddly cat and his misadventure.”
8. Private I Cafe by Ray Adrian N. Magbanua
“Welcome to the unique cafe where you can have your own private space! It’s just that, your private space is managed by three private investigators.”
9. Fate Orb Xylia by Raykosen
“Immerse yourself to the intertwined tale of the fox spirits, their orb life source and the young girl who will cause a stir to their existence’s fate.”
10. Daleth’s Embrace by Ray Adrian N. Magbanua
“Meet Dampen, a lady grim reaper. Just be careful not to hug her.”
11. Escape by Ray and Oso-oso
“Clarence and Claire. All they really want is to be free. “

As it said in their profile: Revel Circle is an independent komik production in Philippines debuted last November 2008. Revel is a group composed of artists who shares same passion. With founder, Ray Adrian N. Magbanua, found some talented artists: Maku Felix, Ellie Licuanan, Pat Roldan, Lou Pineda, Fe Pineda, Cindy Sy

All comic books by Revel Circle will be released exclusively in Komikon 2011.

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