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REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #625

In The Gauntlet theme issue, we have one of the finest writers in the Spider-Man Braintrust, Joe Kelly. Controlling this issue is with his Four-Eyes artist, Max Fiumara. If you’ve read Amazing Spider-Man #617 or not, which you can simply read a short summary at the first page, it is all about the original Rhino, Aleksei Systevich. In the #617 issue, Kelly and Fiumara turned Systevich into a good, compassionate and sympathetic villain. He turned his ways to find a good job and a good wife. Also, the two introduced a new Rhino, more meaner and (in a tech-wised sense,) advanced.

In this issue, Kelly used a concept just like as you’ve seen in wrestling, tv shows and films: where push comes to shove and where it has hit it to the boiling point. Kelly also let us see different narrative views of the main characters. Showing us dynamic character intensity of the new Rhino and the old Rhino. Spider-Man wasn’t the main character here (But rather acted as a guardian angel for Systevich and a witness), it’s focused to Systevich. Kelly perfectly set up a transformed ending, as it ended in a tragedy.

The art was fantastic and brillo. Fiumara did a good job on his end. His art style reminded me of ” The Unwritten and Emily Strange”. His art and panelling is sleek, rough and dark (except one panel in one of the pages). The fighting scenes were gritty (in a good way). I wouldn’t mind if he’ll  pencil Amazing Spider-Man from now on. (Wait… that reminds me. Please finish Four Eyes)

The flow of Fiumara’s art are at par with Kelly’s storytelling. It’s a great issue; they’ve done something to one of Spidey’s archvillains in a 180-degree and made us sympathize him. They made The Gauntlet formidable to it’s name. So, far it is one of the best issues of Amazing Spider-Man of this year.

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