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Review: Green Lantern Emerald Warriors # 2

A review of Green Lantern – Emerald Warriors # 2 by Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin.

Guy Gardner‘s cryptic mission to explore the uncharted sector of the Universe officially begins and he’s not alone. Joining him on his trip are Green Lanterns Kilowog and Arisia. All of them with their own baggage and hoping to clear their minds on this deadly voyage.

On their first side trip, we find out that Guy Gardner is looking to visit the planet Odym where the Blue Lanterns reside to finally rid himself off of the Red Lantern ring’s influence. But shortly after making contact with the elephant-esque Blue Lantern Warth, Guy gets ambushed by Red Lantern Bleez.


- Fernando Pasarin‘s artwork is stellar. From gigantic monuments in Oa to the forests of Odym, the artist is dishing out some of the best art I’ve sen in Green Lantern books.

- Tight writing courtesy of Peter Tomasi, the touch of mystery in Guy Gardner’s mission continues to evade the readers and even his fellow Lanterns.

- Arisia‘s scene was disturbing and cool at the same time.The burning bit was excellent and gave a sense of dread while reading. Hasn’t anybody contacted the GLC regarding the return of Sodam Yat in the main Green Lantern book? How weird is that, maybe were seeing a universal communications breakdown.

- Kilowog acting so damn apathetic towards the new recruit was also sad and interesting.

- The new baddie, Zardor of Kralok also seems to be a GL baddie to forward to. I don’t actually like the idea of having multiple Green Lantern with the same MO (being exiled, or doing bad stuff) but the way he easily dispatched his victims, I might as well forgive the uninspired origin for this character.


- Flaming sword? WTF the baddies got a flaming sword!?! How totally uncool.

- Peter Tomasi’s writing. Remember when Jeph Loeb’s RULK started to annoy the hell out of every Hulk loving fanboy? The book should avoid that pitfall if the creators want to avoid fanbashing online.

- Continuity monster. The continuity monster strikes once more as new readers have to ask the question  “Who is Sodam Yat?”. Remember, theres always a new reader for each new issue of a comic book. What happens when they pick this up? What then? Good if they buy the past trades bad if they drop the book.

- Guy Gardner being a vagina. Can I say vagina? Anyway, Guy having a hissy fit about being a leader was a turn off to the book. Sure we all know he’s an asshat but doing something like that? It’s really off character, unless Tomasi wants to show that the Red Lantern influence is still alive, that would have been the saving grace to that.

Overall, its a great book and you really should pick up the book if your heavy into Green Lantern lore or wanting to read something new in the Green Lantern miniverse.

I give this a solid A

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