Posted March 25, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Columns

FF #1 Review

A review for FF # 1 by Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, Paul Mounts


The new Fantastic Four book, renamed FF (or Future Foundation) # 1 deals with life after the death of Fantastic Four member Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch.

The new book deals with the how the team reacts with the death of what they see as the heart of the team and the subsequent replacement of Johnny by his close friend Spider-Man. The book also discusses the challenges of living in a room filled with superbrains and child prodigies.

One of the more shocking additions in the book was the addition of two unlikely characters, Nathaniel Richards who also appears in another Hickman book, SHIELD as well as the addition of Doctor Doom.

Yup, you heard it right. It seems like the FF has now added Victor Von Doom as part of their ranks. It also seems like this was the deal that Valeria Richards struck with Doom back in the closing issues of Fantastic Four. What has piqued my interest was what exactly Valeria dealt with the mad Latverian dictator.

While there are some things that are new in terms of concept for Marvel’s First Family, it seems like there are still some old things and some plot points that are revisited and touched once again, including the previous plot about the trapster and his son/clone.

The new book is stylish and definitely takes its roots on the Fantastic Four. The way I see it, its a temporary status change for the Fantastic Four. Its good and its intriguing and its definitely something that the casual fan of the Fantastic Four as well as the Amazing Spider-Man and even the writer Jonathan Hickman would want to get when they take the trip to the comic book store this week.

Artwise, the book looks good, coupled with Hickman’s favorite diagrams and symbols and appendix, this is truly an impressive book.

Earl Maghirang