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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Godzilla King of Monsters # 1

Reviewing Godzilla King of Monsters # 1 from IDW Publishing by Eric Powell, Tracy Marsh and Phil Hester.

IDW has definitely scored a big hit with the release of the first issue of Godzilla under their name.

Under the writing direction of The Goon’s Eric Powell and Tracy March with the expert artistry of Phil Hester with inks from Bruce McKordindale and colors by Ronda Pattinson the new world of Godzilla is definite looking like a great stomp.

Gone are the days of that Godzilla from Marvel where the Tokyo smasher had to deal with various creeps including Dum Dum Dugan.

This new Godzilla book goes back to the roots of the big giant kaiju. With no backstory whatsoever, fans get treated to all out destruction from Big G with nobody in Japan capable of doing anything. The devastation the creature causes is too much that even Barack Obama scratches his head on the matter.

The book’s art is solid. From colors courtesy of Pattinson and block-ish almost cartoonish inks and of course, the artwork of Phil Hester. I would commend the boys and girls at IDW Publishing for putting Hester on this new project and hopefully he runs with the title for a long time.

The dialogue is cute as well. Loved the way the characters who encounter Godzilla goes “Oh S@#T!” and then gets crushed by the creatures foot.

One thing that I missed from other Godzilla books that I was happy to read once more in the new IDW version is sheer terror at the sight of this huge atomic-breathing dinosaur/ lizard wreaking havoc. Although we don’t see dramatic deaths, we do know from the first few pages that the casualties will be a lot. I don’t know if it was Powell and Marsh’s intention though to feature the grief and the human drama that some scenes provide.

The verdict is out. Go grab the new Godzilla King of Monsters series from IDW Publishing.

It’s one helluva ride.

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Earl Maghirang