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ROB PRIOR doing Live Art in MANILA!

Multi-media artist ROB PRIOR who has worked on comic books, video games, and advertisements will be painting live for the first time in MANILA at The Gallery in Solaire Resort & Casino this weekend.
As a graduate of both the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (where at age 20 he developed the “hourglass” color theory that pioneered the process of photo realistic airbrushing on canvas, garments, leather and other apparel) and Carnegie Mellon University, ROB PRIOR went on to earn his  MFA from the University of Toledo and began his career as a storyteller through his artistic skills at a young age.  Using his numerous skills as an illustrator, screenwriter, storyboard artist and more, Rob’s career spans over twenty years of gaming, comic, film, and television experience. He has also been recognized as one of the top intellectual property creators from his peers for creating incredibly detailed worlds, characters and stories.

As a comic book artist, Rob has worked with Marvel, D.C., Todd McFarlane, Kevin Eastman and Image Comics, to name a few, with his most notable credits on, “Spawn“, “Terminator“,  “Deep Space 9“, “Evil Ernie“, “Melting Pot”, “Lady Death“, and “Heavy Metal“. This year Rob will be the lead illustrator on Image Comic’s latest “Blood Merchant” graphic novel.

As a leading storyboard artist, Rob has provided storyboards for advertising campaigns such as Budweiser and Nikon, as well as for the gaming industry, for “Titlist“, “2K Games“, “Terminator 3” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer“. Rob also created all the storyboards and animatics for the video games “Ghost Rider” and “The Darkness”.

As an illustrator, Rob has supplied cover art and interior art material for Steve Jackson Games, TSR (Dungeons and Dragons), Wizards Of The Coast, Battle Of The Lords Of The 23rd Century, and many others. He was also the lead illustrator for several years at Random House’s cover division.

His art is being sought after by the likes of George Lucas and other celebrities. He combines music heavily with his live art, having concerts with Linkin Park, Flo Rida and Tech Nine.

Prior’s schedule:




2 PM-3 PM
5 PM-6 PM
8 PM-10 PM
4 PM-6 PM
9 PM-10 PM

2 PM-4 PM
5 PM-6 PM

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