Posted July 26, 2014 by Julius Sambo in Comics

SDCC ’14: Whilce Portacio to Launch An Art Studio in the Philippines

In an interview conducted by Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool, Filipino comic book artist, writer, and Image Comics co-founder,  Whilce Portacioshared his plans of opening up an art studio in the Philippines. The Philippine art studio will be launched  “with an aim to take on the local talent who can’t get work at the Big Two (DC and Marvel), and help, develop and grow their work, with Whilce Portacio [himself] acting as an art director.” 

No further information has been released, and we will be updating you as more details arrive.

Whilce Portacio’s most notable works include his run on Marvel’s The Punisher, X-Factor, and The Uncanny X-Men, as well as for his creator-owned series over at Image Comics, Wetworks. He is also credited for co-creating the  character Bishop alongside comic book superstars John Bryne and Jim Lee.


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