Posted July 15, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

Should Sinestro Stay With the Green Lantern Corps?

The latest issue of Green Lantern (Green Lantern # 67) throws a big curveball by inducting longtime Green Lantern enemy and former GL Sinestro back into the corps with Hal Jordan getting the boot and sent back to Earth.

Now the question that has been running in my mind after reading this is whether or not this was a good idea or not.

Here are some of my PROS and CONS regarding the matter.


  • Sinestro should be in the GLC because he’s got a lot of experience handling this will powered power ring. He’s also one of the brightest GLs in the galaxy before his fall from grace in the early volumes of Green Lantern.
  • Sinestro is a known tactician. He will use your weakness against you as seen in some early issues. He’s also good when it comes to talking smack which will definitely lead you to lose focus.
  • A natural born leader. One of the biggest pros about Sinestro returning to the GLC is that he was a leader. As seen in the movie and even during the “Sinestro Corps War“, this purple alien can rally people to his cause with some even ready to die.
  • Master bad-ass. In my opinion, one of the best moments in the whole Green Lantern tie-in to Blackest Night was the battle between Sinestro and Mongul for the right to become the leader of the fear mongering corps. How did Sinestro beat Mongul? By putting the alien warlord inside the yellow central battery.

Can you “drop the bomb?”

  • Interesting reactions. One of the more stronger points that states that Sinestro should stay on the GLC is the fact that he’ll be like the team captain of a basketball team that gets traded out of the blue to the opposing team. His new teammates will hate him and his supporters on his former team will hate him even more. Expect a lot of drama to unfold when this happens. Just like the cover for Green Lantern # 2 which comes out in October 2011.


  • The guy is a killer. Remember that after his fall from grace, the guy did a lot of terrible things including playing a part in the murder of some of the members of the “Freedom Fighters” during “Infinite Crisis”…

  • Sinestro has always been played as a guy who looks down on others, this might make him hard to be a likeable character especially since the GL books are raking in the dollars in terms of single issue sales. Which might mean it would be a pretty big gamble on DC’s part to make him the star of the show so to speak.
  • Lack of audience appeal. A lot of Green Lantern readers, particular the newer ones have already started on the book with Hal Jordan as the lead star. With this in mind, shifting the focal point from Hal to Sinestro might be a shitty idea which can leave some readers with disgust in their mind. Again, just to state my point, its a very big risk with a small amount of potential to succeed especially with the market chockful of other characters.

Again, these are only some of the points that popped in my head while reading Green Lantern # 67. The points stated can be seconded or contested. Just leave your comments in your in favor of Sinestro coming back to the GLC.

Earl Maghirang