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SPOILER: Amazing Spider-Man’s “Alpha”, Revealed!

After much speculation,  we have confirmation on the identity of “Alpha“, slated to appear in Amazing Spider-Man #692, Spider-Man’s “official 50th Anniversary issue.”

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Bryan Robinson of Fox Nation reveals that after 50 years, our boy Spidey is finally getting…a SIDEKICK!

Mirroring Spider-Man’s very own origin story, Alpha is Andy Maguire, a 15-year old student who participates in a field trip to Horizon Labs. Under amazing circumstances – or perhaps, thanks to the hands of Fate – Alpha finds himself with fantastic powers after one of Peter Parker’s inventions malfunctions. Driven by his strong sense of responsibility, our friendly neighborhood webslinger vows to take Alpha under his wing, making sure that he learns the same lesson that Spider-Man has lived by for 50 years – that with great power must come great responsibility.


Both Peter and Andy experienced being outcasts at school, but according to Robinson’s article, Peter will find Andy a bit challenging to handle because he has an attitude – an “edge” – that Peter didn’t have when he was starting out as Spidey. Andy has “no problem with confidence”, and so it remains to be seen just how receptive he’ll be to the lessons taught to him by the Avenger who was once the world’s greatest teenage hero.

Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso expounds upon Spider-Man’s relationship with his very own “Robin”: “[Spider-Man is] older, more seasoned, but young at heart. He’s still a young man, but he’s been around. It’s interesting because it flips the paradigm. Teen hero Spider-Man is now responsible for this teen hero sidekick. He’s responsible because one of his inventions caused this kid to get his powers. He’s directly responsible for the responsibility this kid now has with his new powers. He feels he has a responsibility to make sure this kid walks the right path, which won’t prove easy.”

Steve Wacker, the editor of Amazing Spider-Man, had this to say about the motivation behind the introduction of this new character to the Spidey mythos: “What we try to do with the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man is we try to play with the original clay of the book[.] When Spider-Man was first created in the 1960s, there was no other superhero like him. Pop culture had never really taken teenagers into account. What Stan and Steve did was sing to their angst, and we’re trying to sort of modernize that.”
This is possibly the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Spider-Man take on a parental role (especially for fans who still have a special place in their hearts for stillborn Baby May). Will he – can he – do a better job than Batman in the taking-care-of-teen-sidekicks department? Stay tuned for more developments in the ever-changing but always amazing story of our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
Amazing Spider-Man #692 is written by Dan Slott and penciled by Humberto Ramos, and will be out on Aug. 22, 2012.


Mikael Angelo Francisco